BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Jan. 3, ’12

Tangy Tuesday PicksThere was a man who was born into a Reddy household. He always wanted to be join the police force when he grew up. He achieved his dream and went on to become the DGP. But one day, he made a statement which made people lose his respect for him. He said ‘Rapes and murders are not strictly under the control of the police. I am telling you a frankly down-to-earth point. People are turning out to be more fashionable. Even in villages they are wearing salwar kameezes. All these provoke and this cannot be under the control of the police. So rapes increase or decrease…. What happened next? Read our first edition of Tangy Tuesday Picks for the year 2012. 🙂

    • Who : Kiran Manral
      What : So. Women. Do you know how much skin you cover?
      Tangy : Kiran Manral voices her opinion on the clichéd thinking of “a woman should dress up covering every inch of her skin, to avoid getting raped.” She lays some horrifying facts and says rape is not about the victim, but the rapist. Have a read.

    • Who : Shekhar Kapur
      What : Must the Indian Parliament be dissolved to protect the Constitution?
      Tangy::In 2012, please think. Lets debate. We need to go back to the original concepts of our Constitution. This is what Shekhar Kapur appeals to us. He puts forth some points written in our constitution, and how it is being or not being applied in real time. Do read.

    • Who : Rachit
      What : Afterlife @ madness
      Tangy : It’s often necessary to give yourself a new start and get back to the straight path you once began with. On this note Rachit writes a poem on beginning a new life. We actually composed the tune in our mind while we were reading it. 😉

    • Who : Primary Red
      What : Fire and Rose
      Tangy : Primary Red says that only the hard work and common sense of ordinary people of India can save her from the evil practices prevailing. The blogger describes this with a very nice example of a hard working carpenter. Do read and get inspired.

    • Who : Vidyut
      What : Learning from DGP V Dinesh Reddy
      Tangy : Vidyut writes a satirical post on yet another scenario of women getting blamed for being raped. Head over to this post.

    • Who : Vijay
      What : Get a life, you Morons
      Tangy : Get a life, you Morons… is what Vijay Nair says to men who correct women on the way they dress and “provoke” men. It’s not because of how they dress. It is because they are women…plain and simple, says Vijay. He describes how these men want to just put women in their place, because they are finding their place in every other area of work.

    • Who : Narendra Shenoy
      What : My views on the Lokpal bill and the UID project
      Tangy : Narendra explains his disagreement of the LokPal Bill with a very apt anecdote. Simplification of administrative procedure, transparency and accountability, is what is needed and not LokPal Bill, is what he suggests. A very nice read. Do read and share with others

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