Thinner Dinner

When a good cook decides to get a grip on her girth, the results can be very interesting, They were. That’s why this book. And it is up for review for the food lovers. Tasty food combined with weight control techniques, is captured in this book of glossy pages, and yummy pictures. Shubhra Krishan is at your adda with her book Thinner Dinner up for review. She shares 50+ nighttime tricks, treats & tips to please your lips and your hips. Excited to know what more this book has to offer? Then read below the excerpt.

We are giving away 10 copies of ‘Thinner Dinner’ . Here’s the excerpt:

Shubhra Krishan is not a nutritionist. She’s just ravenous! In Thinner Dinner, she serves up a pot-pourri of delish dishes for you to enjoy night after night, without worrying about anything going to waist.

Find inside dozens of slim-n-sexy recipes, tips and tricks to help you indulge your nightly longings for all the salty, spicy, crunchy, creamy and yes, sweet, stuff you love. Learn smart ways to shave off those calories, slice away the fat, and get rid of the guilt.

Appetisingly illustrated with luscious pictures, corny illustrations and countless exciting ideas, Thinner Dinner is much more than a cookbook—it is an invitation to imagine and create meals that look good, taste great, and best of all, help you sleep easy and stay trim.

Know the Author:

Shubhra Krishan
 is a journalist, prolific writer and the author of several self-help books. Her Thinner Dinner is being published by Westland.

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9 Replies to “Thinner Dinner”

  1. Wow, since I am a foodie and just love cooking and eating…anytime and all the time… I would love to find out what the book has in store. ^_^

  2. @annapoorani It looks like you have not expressed your interest. Please click on the link to express your interest.

  3. hey!
    this book looks apt for a foodie and reader like me! Like all healthy people(read chubby), i also worry about food going to wrong places so in my case reviewing dis book becomes a compulsion!
    Would Love to review n write about Thinner Dinner….

  4. Whenever I click link to review this book i.e. Thinner Dinner, then window opens for the book ‘Hot Tea across India’. I think this is some technical error.

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