BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Dec. 20, ’11

Tangy Tuesday PicksAn Indian Inventor Disrupts The Period Industry‘. Do you know which Indian are they talking about? It is none other than Arunachalam Muruganathan whom we interviewed recently at the INK conference. His outlook towards life is very different. Do check it out. Time now to read the best blog posts from the Indian Blogosphere where bloggers share their outlook with us.

    • Who : Sumantra
      What : Thanks for all the fish…
      Tangy : Sumantra is off to New Zealand for his career reasons. Here he shares some of his personal and professional memories that have helped him grow. He is also thanking people who have facilitated him in learning important things in life. A nice read.

    • Who : Darsh
      What : How to Confess Your Love: Bollywood Style
      Tangy:: Darsh is badly stuck in a situation, where her clothes are at stake. 😛 Her tailor has confessed his love for her, and has kept Darsh’s clothes as hostage. How difficult is it to lose a good tailor? You will get to know after reading this hilarious incident.

    • Who : S
      What : To love , lies , Etc
      Tangy : Sakshi writes a post where we get to see a different angle and perspective of love; where love is beyond truths and lies.

    • Who : Kavi
      What : Life has to go on !
      Tangy : ‘Life has to go on’…this statement is so true for Mumbai lives. A glimpse of this character you will see in this post. Have you encountered with such people? Let Kavi know about it.

    • Who : Raksha Bharadia
      What : Blood
      Tangy : A metaphoric poetry written by Raksha on the the bloodied beak. I pick the phone and rat, ‘How could she?’ My face twists in disgust, In the mirror in front of me, I can only see, The bloodied beak…

    • Who : Saswata De and Kumar Pratik
      What : How to get your friend request accepted by that girl — a B.Flirt. degree coming soon
      Tangy : NTMN is at it again, to make you laugh like nobody else, along with Kumar Pratik, Saswata and Sugandha. They inform us with the new course introduced for bachelors, and frustrated engineering students. Under Graduate, Graduate and Post Graduate courses are also available in subject of flirting and dating. Apply now if you are among ones who want your friend requested accepted by that girl.

    • Who : Karthik
      What : Milliblog Annual Music round-up 2011
      Tangy : Want to know the top songs of 2011 in different languages? Here’s a great compilation and ranking of the famous and not-so-famous songs of this year, with their film names and composers, by Karthik. Have a look!


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