BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Dec. 13, ’11

Tangy Tuesday PicksWe are back after 4 days of awesomeness at the INK conference at Jaipur. we are back to aamchi Mumbai. We met a man who rowed across the atlantic, . We met a woman who scaled the mount everest. We met a musician who became the doctor and started healing patients through his music. We met an artist who took us on a visual journey for the 4 days we were there. 🙂 These were some of the people whom we met, you can read about our experience here. Time now to read on what we missed reading from the Indian Blogosphere. Here are the Tangy Tuesday Picks.

    • Who : Barbar Indian
      What : The “deep state” is here and now …
      Tangy : The secular party has created an Orwellian regime of censorship, vendetta and propaganda by taking the worst elements from China and Islamic states, says Barbar Indian. Find out how by reading this post.

    • Who : Sidvee
      What : Virender Sehwag and what we don’t know
      Tangy:: Viru scored 219 at Indore last week that was the highest individual score by a cricketer in one-day internationals. Here’s a post by Sidvee in praise of this cricketer. I have never been able to pick out what I enjoy the most about his batting. Read more in his post.

    • Who : Jay Ambadi
      What : Internet and Freedom of Expression- Other Side of the Coin
      Tangy : There is no legal sanction for the concept of absolute freedom of expression over Internet, concludes Ambadi with this very informative post. One often is mistaken, that since it is there account or their blog, they are free to write whatever they want. With freedom of speech and expression comes responsibility and duty, which one must follow. Do read.

    • Who : Rency Philip
      What : The Devil and the Sea
      Tangy : A nicely written fiction post by Rency narrating the story of a family and the daughter of that family. Read how the daughter had different ambitions and what happened to her.

    • Who : Baby Vaijayanthi and Puppy Manohar
      What : The Dev Anand I knew
      Tangy : Baby & Puppy tell us something about Dev Saab, and how he was a people’s person. Have a look at his account.

    • Who : SR Ayyangar
      Tangy : Shri Ram Ayyangar discusses how buildings and institutions should have proper security arrangements, in order to be prepared for any future mishap. When fire broke in a hospital of Kolkata, there were no security exits, and the fire brigade too didn’t have all the necessary equipments. More in this post.

    • Who : Maria Francis
      Tangy : Maria says Happy Birthday to his son Ryan, who just turned two. When you are parents, probably it is difficult to believe how quickly your child grows up. Maria expresses this feeling, while we shout out loud – Happy Birthday Ryan! 😀


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