Two Fates

You have heard, and some of you have read, about 2 States. Now time to grab your copy of Two Fates – The Story of My DivorceJudy Balan is at your Adda with her book under the Book Reviews Program! A story of a North meeting the South. How will this khichdi taste? You need to read the book to know the recipe. Scroll down to read the excerpt:

 We are giving away 10 copies of ‘Two Fates’. Here’s the excerpt:

It’s the classic tale of Punjabi boy-meets-Tamilian girl, they fall in love, the families oppose it, but love conquers all and they get married to live happily ever after. Or do they? There’s a twist in this hilarious tale by Judy Balan when, four years down the line, Rishab and Deepika fall out of love. But if getting married was hard, getting divorced is much, much harder because, by now, their families have fallen in love – with each other. And will leave no stone unturned to make sure that what the Fates have joined together, no couple shall put asunder, even if it means staying together themselves as one big, inter-community family. 

More about Rishab and Deepika, the main players in this Two States marriage for whom Fate has other plans:

Rishab: He’s just another IITian who wants to end his lucrative corporate career to become a best-selling novelist.

Deepika: She’s of the general opinion that the literary world would be a better place if the IITians restricted themselves to swivelling in corporate chairs and left theactual writing to the writers.

Rishab: He’s spontaneous.

Deepika: She schedules sex.

Rishab: He’s Punjabi

Deepika: She’s Tamilian

Rishab: He’s polite

Deepika: She doesn’t have a filter

Know the Author: Judy Balan is a single mother who has no real achievements to her credit. She quit her advertising job to write full-time and be a stay-at-home parent. Two Fates is her first book through which she hopes to become famous, sell movie rights and fight with Aamir Khan. At time of going to press, she has rejoined the ranks of the employed as editor with Frost and Sullivan. Judy is also involved with theatre and is an avid blogger. Judy and her daughter live in Chennai.

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5 Replies to “Two Fates”

  1. Flipped through first 10 pages of the book in a bookshop. Liked it. Also have been following Judy on her blog and hence feel the book should be good filled with subtle humour.

  2. Read “2 fates” … I just loved book & judy’s language, with remembarance of each character & situation of two states. its fun .. Vry good & maturelly written book, i have read after long time.

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