BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Dec. 6, ’11

Tangy Tuesday PicksMore than his films it was his outlook and vibrancy. At 88, Dev Anand had the energy of an eighteen year old. He never let life get him down. This attitude, perhaps more than his films is his greatest legacy to the world. For me it definitely is, says Rakesh Jhunjhunwala in this heartfelt tribute. Today, we thought it would be apt to have our Tangy Tuesday Picks dedicated to him. We have the posts about Dev Anand today. Read them now.

    • Who : Shekhar Kapur
      What : My uncle Dev Anand, the man no one knew…
      Tangy : What a brilliant personality Dev Sahib was! And Shekhar Kapur justifies it with this post, where he narrates an incident of his life with Dev Uncle, describing the positivity that the man carried along. Truly inspirational!

    • Who : Minal
      What : My Mumma’s Chocolate Hero
      Tangy:: Minal is in a constant debate with her mom, over praising their respective chocolate heroes – Aamir Khan of today, and the yesteryear’s romantic hero Dev Anand. 🙂 Minal’s parents have grown up in the age of the classic cinema of 50s and 60s, and here Minal is sharing the likes of her parents. See how Dev Anand and his films are looked upto in families.

    • Who : Deepanjana
      What : Curtain Call: Dev Anand
      Tangy : Deepanjana figures Dev Anand as a black and white image, with a puff in his hair and mischief in his eyes. She effectively captures the glorious as well as the grey days of Dev Saab in Bollywood. But despite all the cinematic disasters, he still remains the evergreen hero of all time.

    • Who : Speaking Chic
      What : RIP Dev Anand, thanks for the fashion!
      Tangy : Speaking Chic is paying tribute to Anand ji by wearing his trademark scarf. The man was an amazing actor, but his style was followed by generations ahead. Speaking Chic familiarizes us with his fashion statement. Do read!

    • Who : Calamur
      What : Dev Anand RIP
      Tangy : Harini wrote a post sometime ago on Dev Anand’s birthday, mentioning the classic movies of the evergreen hero and their characteristics. A nice compilation. Do have a look

    • Who : Smita
      What : The Day When I spoke to Dev Anand…
      Tangy : Smita spoke to the flamboyant actor just two months ago over phone, and here she re-calls that experience. To be remembered for what he has done in life and not be thought of as, oh! he is no more there. So true! 🙂

    • Who : Kiran Manral
      What : Dev saab, RIP
      Tangy : Another amazing account of The Peter Pan of the Hindi Film Industry. Kiran is not a Dev fan, but she remembers him for the music he danced and sung to in his movies. As Minal said in her post, he brought alive the voices of Rafi and Kishore on screen. Do read Kiran’s post.

    • Who : Pri
      What : ae kaash chalte milke—a tribute to a legend…
      Tangy : Pri remembers some of the classic songs and their lyrics of Dev ji’s songs in this post. Our favorite – “Dhoop thi nasib mein, to dhoop men liya hai dam; Chandani mili to hum, chandani mein so liye”.

    • Who : Ashwini
      What : A Musical Journey with Dev Anand
      Tangy : As the title says, this post is an in-depth account of Dev ji’s films and his songs, and the singers. A very detailed one by Ashwini! Do leave your comments.


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