In The Evergreen Shadow

Dev Anand has been made fun of countless times. Everything about him has been subject to ridicule. His hair, his clothes, his voice, his films. His trademark springy bouncing around is the staple of many stand-up comics and stage performers. Most of all I’ve heard numerous and sometimes even I’ve taken part in the “Abhi Toh Main Jawaan Hoon” Jokes.

This is what makes a memorable character and it is for this reason Dev Anand will be synonymous with his ‘Evergreen’ moniker. Like him or don’t – you simply can’t forget Dev Anand. Dev Anand has written himself into History.

Maybe this is what Evergreen really means.

To me Dev Anand’s films were an absolute blast. I always get up with a smile on my face after watching Dev Saab. His antics on screen were just remarkably god damn entertaining! They represent a time of great stories, great music and great acting. A time when Indian cinema flourished creatively, when even songs were super cool and didn’t have a billion backup dancers dancing like monkeys behind the hero and heroine.

I still remember Dev Anand’s antics in ‘Jewel Thief‘ and ‘Guide‘. The latter being adapted from a book by RK Narayan, probably India’s most awesome Author. Watching him in Jewel Thief’s SUPREMELY FANTASTIC Kishore Kumar sung ‘Yeh Dil Na Hota’ where he strolls jauntily with a fishing line strung over his shoulder in front of a car makes me grin everytime. Under God’s Hot Sun on a burning tar road, Dev Anand simply had to walk in front of a car to create one of Indian Cinema’s most carefree and memorable scenes.

Who else but Dev Anand?

More than his films it was his outlook and vibrancy. At 88, Dev Anand had the energy of an eighteen year old. He never let life get him down. This attitude, perhaps more than his films is his greatest legacy to the world. For me it definitely is.

This post has been written by Rakesh Jhunjhunwala (The Fake one). You can read more about him in this interview. 

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  1. Dev Anand was everything – handsome, made great films, was entertaining and so articulate till the end. Not easy to clone. The most memorable thing about his movies – the music was always fantastic. Easy to fall in love with.

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