BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Nov. 26, ’11

Spicy Saturday26/11/08. The day, India witnessed one of the most terrifying terror attacks. 3 years later, we have spent 16 crore in giving a royal treatment to one of the terrorists caught alive. We are begging our neighbours to hand over the accused so that they can be brought to justice. Rage is what we are feeling right now (Not the Kolaveri types). Read what the others feel about 26/11 and other things that happened this week in our Spicy Saturday Picks.

    • Who : K Balakumar
      What : The N-Power Test series
      Spicy : Koodankulam Nuclear Power Plant is being constructed in the Tirunelveli district, and is much protested by the villagers. K Balakumar in this post analyses the positive and negatives of this power plant’s setup and informs us about the fears of the villagers. Do read.

    • Who : Prosenjeet
      What : The not-so-curious case of Vinod Kambli
      Spicy : Prosenjeet very nicely inspects the reasons of the sudden stint of match fixing claims dating back to 1996 match. He also sheds light on some of Kambli’s achievements in this post. Have a read.

    • Who Sonali Ranade
      What : 26/11: Three years on, do we have a strategy?
      Spicy : The answer to Sonali’s question is No. If the same question is asked after 5 years, the answer will still probably be in negation. If we have a strategy, is it being followed? Sonali has many questions like these, and examines, where our security stands three years after 26/11. Head over.

    • Who : Wordofthefree
      What : Of slaps and a few chaps…
      Spicy : Humour finds its way everywhere. Even in the Shared Power slap! No we didn’t make a spelling mistake there, it is actually a character name from the post written by Word Of The Free, and has no relation with any person living or dead. Read this humorous post now.

    • Who : Primary Red
      What : Reflection on 26/11
      Spicy : A very thought over post is written by Red. This post is free of hatred, and filled with mature and executable suggestions. A very nice read.

    • Who : Vicky Nanjappa
      What : Maldives+Kerala=Terror
      Spicy : Maldives residents can stay in India for upto 90 days without any visa. The attacks are likely to be sea bourne in future, just as it was easy for Qasab and gang to enter India through the marine way. Maldives has become another destination for setting up terror attacks, and enter through Kerala. Vicky talks on this subject in his post. Do read.

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