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We enter this world, seemingly unarmed, unique amongst all living creatures on the planet. Our mind is our only weapon; a metaphysical instrument crafted by a physical brain that pulsates with the elements of infinite genius, says Dilip Mukerjea in his book Building Brainpower. It is up for review at your Adda. Have you become friends with your brain? Have you day dreamed and let your thoughts flow, so you can see how enjoyable it can be? These are some interesting questions Dilip asks. This book has some powerful tools that will enhance your brain skills. Read the excerpt below and apply.

We are giving away 10 copies of this book. Here’s the excerpt:

This book takes you from basic to advanced levels of Mind Mapping: Buzan’s Brainchild. Futhermore, it reveals novel ways of enhancing your expertise at thought-processing: a Veritable invitation to experience the genesis of genius. Make a start by building your brainpower.

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Know the Author:

Dilip Mukherjea is Owner and Managing Director of ‘Braindancing International’ and “Buzan Centre Singapore Pte Ltd,” Organisations specifically dedicated to advancing human performance across multiple domains. He has been publicly acclaimed as “phenomenally creative and easily one of the world’s top ten Master Mind Mappers” by Tony Buzan himself.

Dilip Mukerjea also focuses on writing interactive books that address ‘brain skills for the 21st century,’ His best-selling works, Superbrain, Brainfinity and Braindancing, have gone into several re-prints since initial release. Building Brainpower, and Unleashing Genius are the latest in The Creative Brain Series, a range of books that is becoming a distinct brand in the world of accelerated learning and personal development.

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