BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Oct. 18, ’11

Tangy Tuesday PicksAnna 1 – Congress 0. Atleast this is what Team Anna claims. Do you think the people did not vote for Congress because of Anna Hazare or were they really tired of the governance? Do let us know. Time now to read some good posts this weeks in our Tangy Tuesday Picks.

    • Who Confused Soul
      What : Out Of Mind, Out Of Sight
      Tangy : Shreya wishes that she had never grown and still remained a kid. After being an adult, she, like many others, easily ignores begging hands, starving stomachs, and barely covered bodies. Do you also feel the same? Read her post.

    • Who : Peevee
      What : Public Transport 101
      Tangy: What a great guide on traveling in a public transport! Practice holding your breath for longer periods of time, stay close to the driver and have a pair of good earphones, were some of our favorite suggestions of Priyanka. A really fun read! 🙂

    • Who : Vijay Menon
      What : Survivor’s Guide to life in an Apartment
      Tangy : Living in an apartment can prove to be difficult, and this post assures that! 😛 Nosy neighbours, exasperating elevators and annoying associations and meetings can surely put you off if you are a newbie in an apartment. So educate yourself first with this post, before taking possession! 🙂

    • Who : Vyankatesh
      What : Jaws Of Jealousy
      Tangy : Vyankatesh has written a fantastic poem on the subject of Jealousy. He says how comparisons lead to increase in one’s jealousy for others. Many times we have seen crimes that have been adopted by people because of the same reason. Do read and let us stop comparing each other.

    • Who Ankita Garg
      What : Have that One with You..
      Tangy : “Friends make your life complete with their nonsense”. They are someone who make your life happier, lighter from the tensions surrounding you and easier to travel through the untrodden path. Ankita writes this poem for such friends of her life.

    • Who : Sheen
      What : A menace of its kind
      Tangy : Sheen brings forward an issue of Eunuchs who misbehave, or rather have become a nuisance, at some places. By clinging to people and embarrassing them in public, some eunuchs try to get money from them. Have you come across any such nuisance? Share your experiences and leave your comments.

    • Who : : Prateek Bagri
      What : …..Yours Truly
      Tangy : Prateek is now disguised as Digvijay Singh and writes down a letter, to unravel who Digvijay is and how ‘demeaned’ his childhood was. Watch out for the ‘straight from heart’ poetry by Diggi. 😛


Earlier they stood up for Child Sexual Awareness in April 2011. Now the team speaks for Violence Against Women, in the VAW Awareness Month – October, 2011. Violence Against Women is an effort to spread awareness about this dominating act against women, and an attempt to gather victims to share their story of victory and much more. Read the posts below supporting VAW Awareness Month.

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