BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Sep. 6, ’11

Tangy Tuesday PicksGanpati Bappa Morya! In the name of Ganesha, how many modaks did you have this week? How did you celebrate the Ganpati in your area? Share your photos in our wall on Facebook and then read the best blog posts from the Indian Blogosphere.

  • Who Sandhya Menon
    What : Every kind of extreme.
    Tangy : Sandhya does an excellent job in writing a post, inspired by something that you won’t be able to guess till the end. Brilliantly written, and rightly inspired. Recommended read. And do leave your comments.

  • Who : Fire Crystals
    What : The Day Dad was Almost Shot
    Tangy: There are many incidents in life where you are in deep trouble and silently do your prayers, to get out of it. Fire Crystals’ father, got into a similar situation, which could have costed his life, but got saved. Read on to know what happened.

  • Who : Urmi Chanda Vaz
    What : The supermodel
    Tangy : Urmi Chanda Vaz alongwith Michelle have written this fiction post, where they beautifully craft the characters’ personality, and also nicely narrate the story. Must read post, revolving around divine and fragile beauty.

  • Who : Kirklops
    What : Conquering America’s First President
    Tangy : Kirklops went hiking in Mount Washington, and faced bad weather conditions, yet completing the entire journey. He shares with us his experience and some breathtaking pictures.

  • Who Roshan Radhakrishnan
    What : Friday never ends…
    Tangy : “It’s Friday, Friiiiday…gotta get down on Friiiiday”…This is what the Gynaecologist is singing in this post, Pythoroshan is also singing, even God is singing this post! Why? You need to read this one!

  • Who : Ridhhi Kapoor
    What : Business Opportunities brought to you by Anna Hazare
    Tangy : Even before Anna Hazare gets Lokpal bill passed by the Government, he has opened up many business opportunities already! Read Riddhi’s hilarious post to know what they are.

  • Who : Gyanban
    What : It’s Time.
    Tangy : Until and unless we are prepared to change our mindset towards our everyday lives, we will never end corruptiion of the mind and money thereof. Gyanban rationalises, on how Anna Hazare doesn’t have to worry about the small worries of life, that usually a common man has to think about. He also writes a poem on the same. Rush to read his post.

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