Perky Tweets – Sep 5, ’11

BlogAdda's perky TweetsMMS the PM of India apparently keeps his mouth shut because it seems he is bound by a contract with the Congress President Sonia Gandi. This is the real reason according to #wikileaks. Also it says that Rahul Gandhi will not marry until he emerges victorious in Uttar Pradesh. #fakingnews. For more smiles, read our #perkytweets below.

Witnessing a girl in #metro wearing a T-shirt that says, “I like banana coz they have no bone” 😐 what was she thinking?!

Easiest way to tell someone’s on vacation is when you notice their Klout score falling.

Lalu Yadav has declared that he has only 2 children. He was wearing an “I am Pawar” cap.

Nasser Hussain’s ‘donkey’ remark draws sharp criticism from BCCI. Good, somebody has to defend our donkeys.

Marriage causes @SulbhaArora to tweet less and Bijur more …priorities change thats life

The Airtel CEOs microphone is working just like his network. #IndiaOn

Maybe Om Puri just thought that ganwaar was the short form of ganwaarnment.

WAIT. “JUST DANCE” is being shown to us, dubbed in Malayalam??? Oh dear, The end is near.

Breaking News- ESPN to move all Arsenal Matches to Cartoon Network till they stop playing like kids!! Rofl!

How would KRK’s children introduce themselves? Ham Hain Kamaal Ke.

Most used wrds in Lok Sabha ? ‘aap baithjaiya’

Heroines never missed a chance to rape Shakti Kapoor #IamPawar

Symbian belle is the next big disruption in the mobile industry #IamPawar

Send that Garnier girl to pull out the Turkish airplane with her hair.

it really makes me sad that people don’t look as sexy as their thumbnails. What BULLSHIT is this?

“Mummy ko aane do, sabko dekh loonga.” – Rahul Gandhi

Did S M Krishna declare his assets or assets of Foreign Minister of Greece by mistake?

One of my neighbours came back from a screening of “Bodyguard”. He’s still not responding to stimuli

Bappi Lahiri will now release a song “Messi Messi, bhalobashi, beshi beshi” for Durga Puja.

If 50 cent made a hindi song, it would probably be “Har ek cent zaroori honta hain”

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