Perky Tweets – Aug 22, ’11

BlogAdda's perky TweetsOur Khabris in Mumbai have this very interesting news. Yuvraj Singh apparently wants the media to guess the girl he is dating. To confuse them, he has decided to make three appearances at three different events with three different girls. Who is the lucky one? Find out. #fakingnews. Time now to read the #perkytweets for more laughter.

With this bowling attack even amoebas would gain form. #IndvsEng #Cricket

Frustration for Indian fans. Asks “Can we play 4 overseas players in this team?”

@over_rated Now everyone who saw the second freedom struggle on TV can claim to be a freedom fighter too

Success in test cricket is 1% inspiration and 99% precipitation.

“Boss wants to see you.” “What did i do now?” “Nothing. That’s why.”

That means after 30 laps reduce speed to 10mph RT@airtel_in: Its official, Indian F1 2011 now is Airtel Grand Prix of India

@kiranmanral Nitin Gadkari’s fast will be valid only after a month… else it must be considered weight loss program.

@AshikOnFire OKAY ..I name the book to be ‘UPA handbook to intellectual blogging & micro-blogging’

Now only option is to make Subramanian Swamy the PM. He will save the nation, I’m sure.

Nobody has possibly looked as happy as Anna Hazare after getting arrested.”

Anna seems to be fasting more often than Adobe updates.”

Did U guys knw dat money can talk? like d song says “ke Paisa Bolta Hai” My money talks and it always says goodbye 🙁

The best part of tonight’s Kaun Banega Crorepati was the advertisement.

Manmohan Singh had a quiet weekend. And is now getting ready for a quiet week.

Once upon a time in mumbai, Anna and Baba would be seen attending Sanjay Gupta’s party

Ramdev must be thinking Anna kare toh ramlila, main Karu to character dheela !

That awkward moment when you and the beggar are wearing very simmilar T-shirt. 😀 #LOL ROFL

Are they renaming KKR too?? Poschim Bongo Bouncers?

Raina has a brilliant economy rate. Oh wait he is batting.

Guy sitting next to me caught cold. Because I had kept the bus window open. #win

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