BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Aug. 23, ’11

Tangy Tuesday PicksEveryone is speaking about Anna Hazare and the Jan Lokpal Bill. There are three groups here, one for Jan Lok Pal, another which is against Jan Lok Pal and the third one who are not concerned about what is happening and are living their own life. Which group are you? We have a lot of posts today about Jan Lok Pal and other issues. Time to read them.

  • Who Bhavin Sangoi
    What : Government V/S Anna- Caution danger is ahead
    Tangy : People are not supporting Anna because they think that his bill is perfect rather people are supporting Anna because they are fed up of corruption and government’s attitude. Most of those who support Anna’s campaign still don’t know the technical details of Lokpal. Rightly pointed out by Bhavin. Read more such valid points in his post.

  • Who : Vikram Pyati
    What : Anna Hazare, Corruption and Us.
    Tangy: If we are supporting him now, let us also make a commitment that we will neither give nor accept bribe, says Vikram. He supports Anna Hazare and says it is more about supporting him, than the Lokpal bill itself. Read his post and let him know your views.

  • Who : Rohit Sareen
    What : The Capped Crusader
    Tangy : Rohit suggests a non co-operation movement to fight against corruption – to not pay taxes to the Government. Rush to read this post and tell him what you feel about his suggestions.

  • Who : Harshita S
    What : The Kitemaker
    Tangy : Harshita brings forward a story written by Ruskin Bond. A nice story of a Kitemaker. Must read for all!

  • Who K Balakumar
    What : Getting creative with arts
    Tangy : If you are unaware of some of the prominent pieces of art, then you need to read this post. Balakumar creatively educates you with famous art works and artists, through this post. Do read this post which comes with a flavour of sarcasm in it.

  • Who : Priyanka Victor
    What : The Ultimate ‘Pet Pooja’
    Tangy : The first bite of pizza dripping with cheese, a cup of creamy and chilled ice cream, a plate of dal chawal with aachar…this is what this post is all about. Priyanka is a food-worshiper and in this post she mentions some of her likes. If you have favorites like her then let her know, she might write a part two for you. 🙂

  • Who : Kartik Dayanand
    What : Lokpal vs Lok PAL
    Tangy : Kartik proposes an idea which seems very apt looking at the current scenario of Anna Hazare movement. He says that the Government should allow Lokpal Bill to be formed, but test it for a year only in some departments of the Government. The results may then decide the future of it. He also suggests introduction of Lok PAL bill. Read his post to know what it is about.

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