BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Aug. 20, ’11

Spicy SaturdayYesterday was the last day in office for a man who was instrumental in bringing the IT revolution in India. A person who doesn’t believe in legacies. Today is his birthday. Wishing Narayana Murthy a very happy birthday from the whole team. Salute to you Sir. 🙂 Today he would be reading our spicy saturday picks on his iPad. 🙂 Here they are.

  • Who : Shuddhabrata Sengupta
    What : At the Risk of Heresy: Why I am not Celebrating with Anna Hazare
    Spicy If, as a society, we were serious about combating the political nexus that sustains corruption – we would be thinking seriously about extending the provisions of the Right to Information Act to the areas where it can not currently operate – national security and defence, says Shuddhabrata. He also suggests some more remedies that should actually be adopted to fight corruption. Must read.

  • Who : AAD
    What : Happy Independence day !!
    Spicy : An Indian girl’s take on Independence day, India and living in abroad. To see what’s wrong with India will take you a day (or less), but to see what’s good with it, may take you a year (or more). So true! Read ahead.

  • Who Chhavi
    What : A Treat for My Senses…
    Spicy : We all might crib about the heavy traffic on roads, potholes and other nuisances during monsoons, but we cannot deny the fact that the environment is never more pleasant as it is in this time of the year. Warmth of your bed, coffee, pakodas and bhajiyas…fascinating moments! Chhavi describes how she feels in this season and her thoughts.

  • Who : Baddy
    What : बचपन के दिन
    Spicy : Our first cycle ride, scoldings from parents, fighting with neighbour’s kids, making homes from sand or blocks, being amazed by small things…these are the little joys of life that one comes across during childhood. बचपन के दिन सच मुच बहुत याद आते है, जब हम किसी भी लालच और छल कपट से परे रहते थे। Read Baddy’s Hindi poetry on remembering childhood days.

  • Who : Swarna Rajagoplan
    What : Is there a teaching moment we’re missing today?
    Spicy : In all the chaos of Jan Lokpal Bill and Anna Hazare Movement, are there some things that we are skipping; some moments of learning probably? Swarna enlightens us with few things to learn. See if you had skipped them before.

  • Who : Ashwini
    What : Someone’s Blunder, Your Tragedy!
    Spicy : Has it ever happened to you, that someone else does the mistake, and you have to pay for it? Ashwini experienced something similar, which could have costed her life. Read her post to know what happened. v

  • Who : Amit Gupta
    What : PMS Piss @ Men’s Syndrome
    Spicy : Many men must have encountered weird mood swings of women who are PMSing. Well, Amit is just one of them. 😛 He says, men also have painful life in hand. Much bigger than PMS. Want to know what it is? Ask him after reading this post. Women – let him know if you agree with his views!

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