BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Aug. 6, ’11

Spicy SaturdayWhat are you upto this weekend? Many of the blogger’s would be busy reading ‘Chanakya’s Chant‘ and listening to awesome Kishore Kumar songs. As the next weekend is a long one, why not relax this weekend and do a lot of reading? What say? Here are some awesome posts to kickstart the proceedings for you.

  • Who : Vibhuti B
    What : TOMORROW
    Spicy : Vibhuti writes a gripping fiction post. This post signifies that one should live like there is no tomorrow. You can give guarantee on products, but life has no guarantee and no fixed expiry date. You never know what will happen next.

  • Who : QUIRKY MON
    What : Vulnerability
    Spicy : Quirky Mon writes a beautiful poem, describing one’s vulnerability to love. Past lessons reviewed, Same mistake, yet again. Fell in love, Gave my heart; Unasked for, Unwanted, a pesky burden, Tossed away ever so far – Some meaningful lines from her poem.

  • Who Sugar Cube
    What : The story of a Marwadi
    Spicy : An overview of a Marwadi family is given in this post by Sugar Cube. Do read this post and let her know if you have any insights about Marwadis! 😛

  • Who : Dr Kenit Patel
    What : K17 – AARAKSHAN – Reservation In India – To What Extent ?
    Spicy : Reservations – a very controversial word and act in the education system. Some are for it while some are against it, with their own valid reasonings. Dr. Kenit Patel says, that if Government wants to really ‘uplift’ the weaker sections of the society, they can aid them with free books and education material, thereafter attaining an admission should be based on merit, and not reservation. Have a read and leave your views in comments.

  • Who : Nitin Jain
    What : Why PM Must Resign Now!!
    Spicy : Much has already been said about Manmohan Singh and his way of running (or not running) the country. Nitin Jain discusses the issues that are not touched by the PM as yet, and gives many reasons for which, the PM should resign. Do read and let him know what you feel.

  • Who : Sarcasan
    What : You and your DSLR
    Spicy : This is a post to all people who have a DSLR camera or give photography tips to others and people with views like Sarcasan. 🙂 Sarcasan rightly points out, that when a person gets a DSLR camera, suddenly an old man catches his eye, an old car amuses him, and roadside vendors are of his interest. Do you know any such person?

  • Who : Samadrita
    What : From the diary of a chronic shopper
    Spicy : Samadrita compiles a list of people that you’re bound to come across when you go shopping in a mall. Have a look and let her know which is the most hilarious lot for you. 🙂

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