BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Jun. 11, ’11

Spicy SaturdayDid you know that the first automobile in India was rolled in 1897 in Bombay and the first Indian to own a car in India was Jamshedji Tata? Today, the TATA’s are one of the top automobile manufacturers in India. In Mumbai, it’s raining nice and it’s time to drink masala chai, with some pakodas while reading the top blog posts from the Indian blogosphere this Saturday.

  • Who : Chandni
    What : Yes means yes, no means no – The Slut walk
    Spicy : Chandni’s post has one very simple yet strong point – Rape is about the rapist, not the victim. So, blaming the victim, of dressing like a slut, is absolute rubbish. A revealing dress worn by a woman, doesn’t give any man on earth the right to rape her. It is high time that in India, we stop blaming the victim for her ‘provocative dressing’ and get hold of the rapist’s unethical intentions.

    What : Of Sluts and Walks
    Spicy : Every woman who reads this article must have felt more or less the same way like this blogger did. Initially, it is anger and helplessness, it later goes on to becoming frustration and boredom. The blogger here describes the various incidents and emotions that she, or any other woman would go through in such situations, and her views on the Slut Walk.

  • Who Smitha
    What : Immigrants or Expats?
    Spicy : Ever wondered why when someone from abroad settles in India, are called ‘expats’ and if people from India settle in the countries abroad, they are called ‘immigrants’? Smitha talks about this generalization, in her post.

  • Who : Anjali Philip
    What : The bulb effect
    Spicy : Do you remember the red color zero bulb above the operation theatre door, which would frighten every character in the Bollywood movie, when it was switched on? And the big, bright disco ball in movies of 80’s, which would flash different colored bulbs? Anjali Philip writes a post on the ever glowing zero bulb! 🙂 A fun read.

  • Who : Rinzu Rajan
    What : The goriest day of my life
    Spicy : As you read this poem, you will be able to feel the emotions, fears and the curiosity building up. It throws you in the situation that the blogger is, in this poem. Recommended read!

  • Who : Rishi
    What : Do I Love You (A Short Story)
    Spicy : Two very different situations of love. This post tells you how love differs from person to person; it is how you perceive it. A nice writing style is what you will observe here. Go ahead and read this.

  • Who : Aanchal Tyagi
    What : The one conversation that made me who I am… 🙂
    Spicy : Isn’t sibling love very sweet? If you think so then you will love this post. A younger brother staying up all night to write her feelings to her sister, is surely a very happy feeling. 🙂 And this was even his first write up! Aanchal is that lucky sister. Do read this post and write something for the one you love.

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