Perky Tweets – Jun 13, ’11

BlogAdda's perky TweetsOur Sources this morning have informed us that Emraan Hashmi visited Baba Ramdev this weekend to enquire about his health and guess what happened next? @gabbbarsingh thinks that ‘Baba would have learned to perform a quickie than fast’ while @prateekgupta feels that a new Ass’an would have been explored called Kiss+Ass’a = Kissaan. However, our sources inform us that, Emraan after hearing a long lecture from Ramdev Baba has now decided that he will not ‘Kiss’ on-screen ever. #fakingnews

I’m getting tweets and DMs saying nobody will trust a skinny chef. ROFL

Simi Garewal does not get old. She decays radioactively.

‘Hurley to bed and Hurley to rise leaves a Warne Happy and Nayyar surprised’.

One layer of makeup, and@iPoonampandey ‘s weight goes up by 12.37%.

Was talking to someone about #iCloud and she thought it was Apples new weather channel..

Last night during X men someone shouted Ramdev when beast was introduced.. ROFL moment in theater.

Ramdev collapses after only 7 days of fasting?! Real yogis must be laughing their guts out.

Yoga has no cure for stupidity. Therefore, Ramdev was taken to a hospital

ROFL! Someone on a LinkedIn group asked ppl to tell in one word what acc to them is the biggest problem in UX and someone replied IE6 😀

Be sure to marry someone who will understand that you’ll be live tweeting the wedding.

absent minded colleague is getting married.has set up a ‘my wedding’ reminder for himself on his phone for d-day #truestory

Lots of #sexymathemerging as various political entities in Inda delare “assets” rofl.

Every time my kid n hubby sings Ja Chudail from Delhi belly, i feel they are referring to me :(“

Typo of the day: theka next door spelling smirnoff vodka as Simran Off vodka

Somewhere, in an engineering college in India, somebody is playing trying to play Hotel California on the Google Doodle.

Sagarika Ghose at a restaurant – “Chicken wings please. No right wing, ok”

Q: What is common between Baba Ramdev & Simi Garewal? Answer Both having Satyagraha ! 2 fast @ #VLCC to get b(l)ack money

Everytime I hear the phrase ‘No Mercy’ I visualize a Catholic school in kerala with one empty desk.

I rack my brains more before updating a single tweet than I do in the examination hall to answer a question! #perkytweets#truestory

Yesterday when #babaramdev said, “main 11000 yuvak-yuvtiyon ke saath fauj banaunga!”, he actually meant ‘mauj’ manaunga! ;p #perkytweets

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