BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Jun. 4, ’11

Spicy SaturdayWe are not not joining the fast against corruption, in fact we have been hogging all kinds of food after Rushina’s interview. Especially Garma Garam Pakoras and what not. The rains have arrived in India. Looking to read some awesome posts in this beautiful weather? Read them here.

  • Who : Scribby
    What : On being a mother
    Spicy : There are many things that transform a woman completely when she becomes a mother. Everything she does, starts with her child and ends with it. Here is one such post which tells us the things that a woman learns when she becomes a mother.

  • Who : Aditi Mishra for Youth Ki Aawaz
    What : What It Means To Be A Women In Delhi
    Spicy : Lewd remarks, staring eyes, bodies brushing on purpose…these are some of the things which are very common in every woman’s life in India. It is a part of their daily routine which they have habitually learned to ignore. There are many laws which protect the rights of women, but can there be laws to avoid the mentioned things? Can we guarantee that a woman walking on road, who has equal rights in future India (hopefully!), will not be stared, commented or brushed by anybody?

  • Who Chatter Box
    What : Why do sufferings and pain exist?
    Spicy : We are sometimes so engrossed in our busy lives that we fail to take note of some of the warning signs, life & nature sends our way. And that is how we end up suffering and experiencing pain. Chatterbox’s post has some points to ponder upon and things which seem to be true in life. Do have a read and answer her questions.

  • Who : Psych Babbler
    What : Scarred
    Spicy : This post is somehow connected to Chatterbox’s post. When in excessive emotional pain, a person might go in depression and would want to divert their pain by giving a physical form to it. Hence, comes in picture self harm. A poem on this thought written by Psych Babbler. Don’t miss out on the pattern she wants to show.

  • Who : Sushma Jaitly
    What : Can someone define ‘minority’ please?
    Spicy : How can the criminals involved in same riot cases committing similar crimes be treated differently, just because they belong to different communities? This is a very strong question that Sush asks in this post. During communal riots, ‘minority’ plays a major role! How? Decipher Sush’s post where she discusses how the laws on India change during such situations.

  • Who : Rahul Rawal
    What : Life, Liberty and The Pursuit of Happiness !!
    Spicy : We live in the period where everybody runs behind materialistic things. Money, power, success, career, etc. In this race to catch up with things, we often forget our loved ones and don’t give them enough time. If you realize it quickly, you’re saved from the future harm. But if you don’t, read this post to know what can happen.

  • Who : K Balakumar
    What : Design is by default
    Spicy : If you have bought new designer clothes/shoes/wallet/glasses, and nobody notices it, that makes a bigger hole in your heart than it did in your pocket when you bought it! 😛 Balakumar tells us some designer goods which are oftenly used and its characteristics

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