Perky Tweets โ€“ Jun 6, ’11

BlogAdda's perky TweetsWe have confirmed reports from the producers of Khatron ke Khiladi that the next season will feature Baba Ramdev. The producers have signed in the contract with him. But you never know unless he turns up at the show. ๐Ÿ˜› #fakingnews. Smiling? If not the tweets below will make you smile for sure. Read them now!

When Baba #Ramdev Jumped in that Crowd, i Laughed my A** Out. He performed that stunt Brillantly. ROFL Haha.Desi Shawn Micheals with a Beird

Someone please file RTI to find PM Manmohan SIngh & Prathiba Patil

@KunalGautam: A ‘muah’ is a texted kiss, a ‘kal-muah’ is a scheduled texted kiss for tomorrow.

Hat-trick of news conferences by Baba Ramdev. He should get the purple cap now. Orange cap he already has.

Dolly Bindra for PM, we need a PM who can atleast speak few words other than madamji

Unless Federer changes his name to Undertaker,wears black tights and walks slowly to thunder an lightening,This match is over

Harbhajan Singh must be quite useful for Baba and his herbal cures. His name sounds so much like ‘Herb Ginseng’!

Baba is still crying.. That tear-gas was of really good quality..

Have some patience. Manmohan Singh will issue a statement as soon as he’s done with Rahul’s laundry.

The real ‘Bhaag D K Bose’ performed by Delhi Police on Ramdev last night!

Who is the new Mayor of Ramlila Grounds on Foursquare?

This new Amitabh movie is a killer. Today an aunty said, “Aunty hogi teri maa.”

i hope Baba asks to ban Rs.100 notes as wel.. i am bugged of getting my pocket money in those denominations….

Hahahahaha ad for comfortable underwear has a “scratch and win” offer!

Mumbai BEST bus conductors would make excellent leaders! People jump at their command.

Its hilarious to hear women ordering in Subway!! #epicness is can I have a 12inch Italian please

NEVER have the free Peanuts at a restaurant which has a washroom. People don’t wash their hands & they turn to Peenuts!

I fast from 9pm to 7am. I am fasting against corruption in another timezone.

What we really need is Hanuman to lift the Twitter whale.

Looking at his facial fur it won’t be inappropriate to ask, “Baba ‘Saffron ram’ have you any wool?” ๐Ÿ˜€

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