The Boss is Not Your Friend – The first book up for grabs!

Ahoy! Whatay amazing response for our ‘Book Review by Bloggers‘. As James Bryce said ‘The worth of a book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it‘. Thanks to all, we have the first book for you to measure its worth. This is just the start of many books to come. Read on and get ready to read an awesome book this week. 🙂

Vijay Nair’s ‘The Boss Is NOT Your Friend‘, is now available for review. And we have 10 of these! Here is an excerpt of the book:

This book is a Handbook for Indian managers to survive all things organizational. Here finally is a candid, hands-on guide to surviving in the Indian corporate world, complete with a questionnaire to help you identify the particular malevolent subspecies your boss can be classified under. More.

If you are interested to review this book, go ahead and let us know. Once you let us know your interest, we will send an email if you are chosen for the review. The review should be of 500+ words and should be posted on your blog within 7 days from the day you receive the book. You can review about the story of the book, main characters, likes & dislikes, adventures, writing style of the author and similar things.

For all those who want to review this book, you need to be a registered member of BlogAdda and should have signed up for this program.

Go ahead and volunteer. Did we hear, “I want to review this book right away!“? 🙂

This Review is now ended.

14 Replies to “The Boss is Not Your Friend – The first book up for grabs!”

  1. You heard it right.. I want to review this book right away.

    And anticipate a lot of fiction titles to come around too 😉


  2. Have you filled in your username in the form already? If not, head over and do the needful now to be eligible.

  3. Thank you for the overwhelming response! The 10 chosen one’s will receive an email shortly on their inbox. 🙂 Are we ready for the next book?

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