Perky Tweets – May 9, ’11

BlogAdda's perky TweetsA Man has bet his Auto on Jayalalitha’s victory in Tamil Nadu, NRI buys first flying car, but will he get to park it in Gujarat? Mallika says I am like Obama as we have brought in change. 🙂 What does all this headlines indicate? Figure it out? Till then read this week’s Perky Tweets.

A person who bashes a bowler called ‘Parameswar’an playing for God’s own country is clearly a beast#manbeast #gayle

ROFL. . . . . Nidhi2barkha- barkha barkha mujhe bhi pak visa chahiye:-( Barkha2Nidhi- tell me what should i tell them ?

Answers in examinations shud have 140 character limit.

Bro’s wife is learning some indecent slang from me & applying somewhere without knowing the meaning & getting scoldd!

Happy mothers’ day Mama Mia! You have been a fabulous mother, of all scams.

Dear Necessity, Invention wishes you a very Happy Mothers’ Day.

America, that’s like showing the special features of a DVD but no movie

Q: Why is Ram Jethymalani like a computer network? A: He is a client server”

The new iMacs should have had in-built battery. Nobody likes using an ugly UPS with their iMac.

Whenever anyone in a Garnier TV ad says, “Take care” I find myself replying, “Aww, thank you. I will certainly try.”

Man sitting next to me , on being served tea, just asked the waiter ‘is the milk broken’. He explains he means ‘doodh phata hai kya’ROFL

After being denied for a change of 500 rs by most of the shopkeepers. Guess who Helps me . A beggar .wow 😀

Hum do humare do, teesra huaa to Mumbai bhej do. – Jan hit mein Bihar/UP

Ram Jethmalani is like a flush tank. You know there’s shit involved but he’ll make it disappear!”

Your ex-gf of 3 months asking you to suggest a nice name for a girl could just be an apocalypse waiting to unfold

‘Akshay trutiya’ is not how a 2yr old expresses his opinion abt Akshay kumar.

2 counter Pak’s “strong worded” statement on India… R Defense min. also shld release a stmnt. it shld just contain “ROFL”

#Pak issues serious warning! US: don’t do it again ok!! India: don’t think you are US, ok!!! Jihadis: Yaar ab to bas karto!!!!!

One of these days I’d like my balance sheet to sing that song “Mein tally, mein tally, mein tally ho gayi”

Can you get me a book on cosmic energy coupled with atomic energy in the evolution of mankind with programming…

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