BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – May. 7, ’11

Spicy SaturdayClifton area was buzzing with activity yesterday. It seems one of the top guests staying in the area is vacating to move into desert pastures. The guest is confident that he will not be requested to evacuate but you never know and can trust anyone these days. You can though trust us to bring the best blog posts for you from the Indian Blogosphere for you to read this weekend. Read them as the guests hideously moves into the desert pastures.

  • Who : Prateek Bagri for NTMN
    What : The Great Indian Television Comedy
    Spicy :Β Like everything, television also has evolved over the ages, sadly for worse. Ekta Kapoor’s lousy serials, reality shows minus the reality, shows having more ‘beeps’ than words and more such things have limited our knowledge. Prateek unveils the era’s of television in this post. Have a look how the idiot box is actually making people idiot, or maybe more than that. πŸ˜›

  • Who : Vinitha Valsalan
    What : An Ode – To one of my favourites!
    Spicy : One of the biggest hit of Bollywood and the longest running film in the history of cinema – the 1995 epic, Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge. No matter how much you dislike Shahrukh Khan, but you have to give him the credit for this achievement and for giving us the playboy character Raj. ‘Come… fall in love’ – the tagline of DDLJ urged. And I did. I fell in love with love itself, says Vinitha in her ode to DDLJ!

  • Who :Β Ritu Lalit
    What : The Death of The Monster
    Spicy : A story of a Prince and a monster nicely roped with the true scenario of today. Are you wondering which one we are talking about? We won’t spill the beans. Go ahead and read Ritu’s post. You’re sure to identify what she’s talking about. πŸ™‚

  • Who : Sourav Roy
    What : Colleges and Society
    Spicy : A teacher is a person who has a major role in grooming a child. Even at a later stage, which is the college, a teacher must educate and groom their students. We all know how important the youth of our country is. If a teacher can invoke and insert social responsibility values in his/her students, then the society eventually will be a better place. A post on these thoughts by Sourav.

  • Who : Gaurav
    What : India-US Relationship Parallels with Angsty College Non-Romance
    Spicy : Gaurav brings out a connection between India-US relationships with the species of Indian girls which you find in graduation colleges in India and US. A rather rare view. πŸ˜› Hope the Indian media decreases the hype of India-US relationship after reading this post. πŸ™‚

  • Who : Jaai Vipra
    What : Major Irritations
    Spicy : Grammatical errors and spelling mistakes are very annoying to see in reputed national dailies. However, every person who is even remotely connected to writing, should also avoid these errors. This includes bloggers as well. Content on web is also read by millions, hence it should be free of these mistakes. Syntax is also equally important. Here’s a post which will show you the errors appeared in a newspaper. Get inspired to not repeat them yourself!

  • Who : Shanvy
    What : Don’t you think I am a blessed Mom??
    Spicy : With the growing technology, children of today’s generation are much smarter than the ones of earlier generation. Shanvy shares her incidents of smart kids with us through this post. She is a blessed mom indeed. πŸ™‚

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