BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Apr. 30, ’11

Spicy SaturdayPhew, that was tiring flight from London. The Buffet and the cake were awesome at the wedding. However, we were a bit disappointed with the dress that the Bride wore at the wedding. Nonetheless we are back with the best blog posts from the Indian Blogosphere that do not talk about the wedding. 🙂

  • Who : Delhizen
    What : We, the Jan of the Lokpal
    Spicy : The Jan Lokpal Bill is still in discussion by many. Vishal, a blogger and a student of Public Administration, writes his views on the bill, its benefit, problems, and much more. An informative post ahead! 🙂

  • Who : Raksha Raman
    What : Saint or Satan…?
    Spicy : Fighters are either born or made along the way. So truly said by Raksha. Two different personalities, two different people…but both are fighters. As for what is the cause of the fight, depends on the Saint or the Satan…. A well written piece. 🙂 Have a read.

  • Who : Kislay Chandra
    What : The Little Boy is dead
    Spicy : A sense of disturbance but yet able to create a feeling of likeness. This is what you will experience when you read Sandeep’s poem. Recommended read!

  • Who : Indian Homemaker
    What : And if a woman demands equality, she should behave exactly like a male…
    Spicy : We often hear people saying that if women demand equality then why do they need reservations everywhere. Or that they should exactly behave like a male if they ask for equality. IHM in this post puts forth her point on these discussions.

  • Who : Comfy
    What : Beliefs – yours and mine
    Spicy : In India, there are still majority of people who do things in the name of the God, sometimes also enforcing it on others. Being religious is one thing and being rigid in beliefs is another. This mother witnessed the latter type of people and shares the incident in this post. Read on!

  • Who : Richa Sharma
    What : Nobody’s Girl
    Spicy : The life and story of a prostitute is well portrayed in this post by Richa. She is lonely, she is not loved, she is wanted but never owned, she is Nobody’s girl….

  • Who : Atanu Dey
    What : The Poor and their Poverty
    Spicy : How well do you understand poverty and their causes? Atanu says that the people who are best equipped to address poverty are those who are not just good academically but have tons of empathy — the ability to imagine how it must feel to be very poor. A well said point to ponder upon. Do let him know what you think of his views.

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