Perky Tweets – May 2, ’11

BlogAdda's perky TweetsApparently, Osama was told to try four square the cigarette, but unknowingly he tried the foursquare app and guess what happened next? #fakingnews.:) Apparently he was living a Royal life across the border. Also news is coming in that Hitler was killed on May 1 1945 and Osama on May 1 2011 via @omgfacts. Tired of reading all this? Let us then read some tweets that will make you smile. 🙂 Here are this week’s Perky Tweets.

This is worrying. Even Osama Bin Laden is not safe in Pakistan.

I won’t believe he is dead untill Osama says so on a tape that plays on al jazeera

To prevent beepuls getting angry at OBL’s death, he should be quickly declared an Ahmedi.

If Pak ISI knew where OBL was holed up, y didnt dey take him out? & no I don’t mean take him out 4 Sherbet-e-Roohafza

Today is Kalmadi’s B’day. When he was Born, the Doctor had told his Dad ‘Sorry, We tried Our Best but Still he Came Out’

NDTV is NOT the media arm of the Congress.Congress is the political arm of NDTV.

Seeing too many ‘beganon ki shaadi mein ABDULLAH deewana’ tweets. che! kate aur william ka pyar OMAR rahe.

Kate is now the Duchess of Cambridge? I didn’t know foursquare offered that option

British royal family is protestant ? And they dont marry catholics? And some talk about caste system in India. ROFL.

Ravi Shastri; “I get the feeling, this wedding will do a world of good to confidence of Prince William.”

Somewhere Vivek Oberoi is wondering why people are talking about Prince..

Times Now Impact: William and Kate married after a prolonged campaign by you channel! 😛

This Royal Wedding is so disappointing. No commercial breaks only. I hope nobody gets out while I visit the loo

Someone’s Facebook album name was ‘Awesome Arpit’. I read it as ‘Awesome Armpit’

BlackBerry Launches new phone for Indian married women. The BlackBerry Curva-chauth.

We go to royal wedding as Kandasamy magan and Munusamy magan.

If you tweet from iPad2, it still says “via Twitter for iPad”.

Meanwhile, somewhere in Anantapur, a Williambati and a Kota Middletangirala must be getting married in a RayalWedding

Manmohan Singh’s autobiography will be titled: “3 Mistakes of my life: 2G, CWG and Sonia G…!”

During IPL auctions, Dr.Vijay mallya drank beer a little too much and bid for mohammed kaif thinking it was katrina kaif:-P

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