Too Busy To Care and Earth Hour winners announced.

Have you ever stopped by a tea stall to save a kid from child labor? Probably you were getting late for work & ignored it. Did you get out of your car to help someone in a road accident; or assist an old man cross the road? Maybe you had to reach home to watch your favorite TV serial or cricket match. Perhaps you never bothered when a beggar was dying of undernourishment. These were just some of the instance when we were Too Busy To Care.

Our Bloggers shared with us some eye opening and jaw dropping stories which made all of us think about how busy we are and have we forgotten to care. Since this was a contest, we had to pick the best three. We requested Harini Calamur of POV to judge this one as she is someone who constantly blogs about the current issues and society. Here is what she had to say.

Harini writes:

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, it is easy to ignore other people’s issues. Most of us are too involved with our own problems to pay attention to other people’s pain. BlogAdda’s contest with Tata Tea’s Jaago Re – called Too Busy To Care – has looked at addressing this lacuna. It was moving reading through the various blogs that were written. All of them were very good, and each of them gave me an unique perspective of the world.  
The three I picked are :

  • Mr.Rao Teaches  a lesson by Deboshree – One of the things India has always prided itself on has been the concept of family in general, and family support in particular. It was said that no one who had even a distant family member would live or die alone. However, in the last two decades we have seen that changing. The writer manages to convey both the loneliness of the older generation and the guilt of ours.
  • Zeenat’s Story by Poorvi – It is impossible to read about Zeenat and remain dry eyed. Gender issues bother me, as does child marriage. Zeenat’s story is one that is repeated across the country. Children who lose their childhood in the name of tradition and culture.
  • From the Horse’s Mouth by Swaram – It is one thing to feel bad about something that is happening in your environment, there is another to do something about it. From the horse’s mouth looks at that transition. From information gathering to taking the plunge.
  • Dream another day by Dream Peddler – A heart wrenching story of a girl who was sold. The tale of a young prostitute and her rehabilitation.
  • Maid in Hell by Cloud Nine – The stories of women who leave to earn a better tomorrow in strange lands. And, how this dream becomes a nightmare. This post highlights the issue of ‘house help’ in Saudi Arabia.

The winners of the Earth hour Contest are:

Congratulations to all our winners. You will have a new mail on your inbox in a short while. Keep the wonderful posts coming in and let us together make a difference to the society.

9 Replies to “Too Busy To Care and Earth Hour winners announced.”

  1. Wow! Congratulations to the winners! 8)

    All the posts truly deserve it…. well… except one… which was full of typos, grammar errors and 4/5ths of the article was a copy-paste job without any backlinks to the source.

    But I don’t mind, since he is a good blogger and he mentioned his source after I had pointed it out.
    Good Job everyone!

    My Favorite entry was Dr. Raksha Bhatt’s article.

  2. Hey thank you,I received the diary,mug and the T-shirt a few mins ago:)
    They are fab:)just like the adda;)
    Congrats to all of you!:)

    Good day:)


  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you. 🙂 It feels great to see my name up there. 🙂
    I am looking forward to the prize – and that e-mail which hasn’t yet popped up despite my repeated inbox scans.

    Congrats to all the winners.

    @Raksha: you received them already? Whoa! Congrats btw!

  4. Thanks alot Blog Adda, I appreciate all the effort which is being taken to make our lives a little better.

    As an NRI, I know how much I enjoy in the outside world, which otherwise the native Indian wouldn’t.
    I enjoy the clean air, the green pasture and the rivers and the snow which many in Indian have no idea about.
    I know I can’t make a difference with nature, but with knowledge I know I can change many things which can make India a much better place and a home to live in.

    I started writing with just that in mind. I write about social issues, practical issues and common issues which every Indian suffers in daily life. Being there and having experienced it first hand, I know how it feels to get something done, the legal way in India…… So be it, I will write and I will make a difference. Because I will never let my hope down on India. Never !

  5. Thank you so much Harini and BlogAdda 🙂 Made my day and my attempt all the more sweeter 🙂

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