BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Apr. 19, ’11

Tangy Tuesday PicksThe April heat is killing. What would be plight of people in rural areas of India who face up to 7 hours of power cut daily? Is Nuclear energy the answer to our energy needs? Are the protests valid especially after the Fukushima incident? Think about it. Now it is time to read the best blog posts from the Indian Blogosphere.

  • Who Ulaar
    What : The curious and unexpected affair of Anna the Hazare
    Tangy : Vishy is a person who is off TV news for around 3 years and follows up all news on the web. The recent news in discussion is of Anna Hazare, his fast and the proceedings of the Jan Lokpal Bill. He accounts his learnings from the various articles he has read and gathered information from on this subject.

  • Who : Restless Quill
    What : Indeed, a mother for all seasons
    Tangy : What do you feel when you see a child in pain? If you are not a mother, then probably you won’t feel the way a mother does. The pain she feels when she sees her child in grief is more or less the same when she sees another child in the same or worse situation. The emotion of a mother is different from others. TRQ is one such mother. A thoughtful read.

  • Who : Passionate Goof
    What : The Culture Versus Person story
    Tangy : A question to ponder upon – How do you define Indian culture, what do you think is a culture specific thing that should be imbibed in a child? Parents staying with their kids abroad many times would come across this dilemma. Aren’t the values of respecting elders, helping people around you, etc., the qualities of a nice person despite the culture they belong to? Then why are these often termed as Indian cultural values?

  • Who : Anand Krishnamoorthi
    What : Informed Speculation (to kill time until counting)
    Tangy : While the pundits and voters of Tamil Nadu wait with bated breath for the election results to prove any of our pet theories right (or not), I am still waiting for that one economist to hypothesize the stimulus powers of cash in the hands of the spenders, says Anand. Elections, speculations, cash-for-vote and more such in this post! Read on!

  • Who Madhusudan Katti
    What : Tigers Are Less Important Than Warblers
    Tangy : This is what Madhusudhan wrote 15 years ago as an essay and later got published as an article in magazine, re-titled as ‘Are Warblers Less Important Than Tigers’? He reproduces the article in this post. Do have a read and think how you can help save these endangered species. Spread a word about them. Have a read.

  • Who : Amreekandesi
    What : PM Replies to Anna Hazare’s Letter
    Tangy : Too much of Manmohan and Hazare for you? Give yourself a break with this awesome satirical post by the Amreekan Desi! A very nice analysis of our Dear PM. 😉

  • Who : Deepak Gopalakrishnan
    Tangy : Some awesome & humorous rockband interviews in this post! Do not forget to add your versions in the comments. Let’s make this interview series the best ones. 😉

Posts from Indian Bloggers on Child Sexual Awareness Month:

Child Sexual Abuse, an inhuman act which is rising high. In the last 19 days, we have read and seen people opening up. Some posts which have made you cry and some have made you ponder on why they were silent all these years. Read the following posts and it will make you realize how rampant it is.

If you can’t stop it, the least could do is to spread awareness, not only among children, but also among parents. You can do this with the help of Child Sexual Abuse Awareness Month which is started by few concerned ladies. Read what they have to share.

Also do read these Survivor Stories. Story 20, Story 17.

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