Perky Tweets – Apr 18, ’11

BlogAdda's perky TweetsPigeon kabootar, parrot tota, teeja titli butterfly. Wondering what is this? This is the title song of one of the new releases this week. What are the other absurd songs that have made you laugh? Share with us. 🙂 For now read the #perkytweets to make you smile this Monday and drive away your Monday Blues.

I just saw this hoarding ‘ thank you for visiting soft corner. Transparent deals, person touch’. With a woman giving an inviting smile.ROFL.

Mahindra Rajapaksa : “On behalf of the country, if they ask me to sit on the electric chair, I will happily do it” #LOL #ROFL

Ira Dubey endorsing Olay Anti-Ageing??? She’s just 25, for God’s sake!”

“v are a family of bachelors”#howToConfuseProspectiveLandlords”

In Bangalore, the important question is “HOW did the chicken cross the road?”

BARKHA = Best Antonio, Radia & Karunanidhi Handshake Agency 🙂

SRT’s blade scored 100. Jadeja’s blade won the match. Sidhu’s just blade

This Ramesh Powar has fit in well with the Kochi Tuskers.He looks like a Baby Tusker himself

The best kaineetam a Malayalee ever got was the one Sreesanth got from Bhajji

Every time I see Ramesh Powar he has grown larger horizontally. Now perfect barrel

What did one #bigloser say to the another one? – Aa dekhe zara..kiska bada hai bum. 😛

Height of misunderstanding..IPL T20 Flash News! “All boys Performed well last nite.I was fully satisfied..” -Shilpa Shetty

dedicated to @bdutt: tum itna jo sickyulaarahay ho, kya DEBT hai jisko CHUKA rahay ho

Rayadu, Dravid, Torres trending in Mumbai. One who scores fast, One who scores slow and one who doesn’t score at all.

Another potential #janlokpal just got bail.

#Rajnikanth can make his wife admit her mistake #ShaadiHumor

ROFL is a lie. What’s more honest is SOSL – Scrolling on the Screen Laughing!

I don’t see a single banian brand in the sponsor list of Akon concert in Bangalore! Golden opportunity for Rupa, Dixcy

The friends who borrow money are the friends who you can borrow for money.

If only Greg Chappell’s parents had withdrawn on time, Australia’s ‘talent pool’ would’ve been much cleaner.

My brain skips your tweets if twitter shows an egg next to your name.

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