BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Apr. 16, ’11

Spicy SaturdayBinayak Sen gets bail and BJP wonders why does Pawar’s name figure in all the scams? Everyday, we see many many things happening around us which can make you both happy and sad. It is upto us to choose which path we take. Our Spicy Saturday posts are sometimes a combination of many things. Reading it evokes a lot of emotions in you. Here are this week’s Spicy Saturday Picks. 🙂

  • Who : Uma S
    What : Full Circle – a different perspective
    Spicy : Uma rightly points out to the cycle of life which keeps repeating itself with different individuals. What you long for when you are a new born baby, is the same and the only thing which you want when you grow old — Love! It’s so true that, What goes around, comes around….

  • Who : Senthil
    What : Winning an argument
    Spicy : Laws will not help curb ragging or a Bill will not be helpful to curb corruption. Want to know why? Read Leo Tolstoy’s War & Peace Chapter 14, then you can argue on this with Senthil! 😛

  • Who : Buzz
    What : The Last Book
    Spicy : A brilliantly written piece which grips you till the end. The climax of the write up is very smartly done. A recommended read by us! A post about a writer, his passion for writing, the lady of his life and more importantly The Last Book!

  • Who : Sujoy Singha
    What : 5 things about the pitiful state of Indian Television
    Spicy : While the Indian cinema has well grown in terms of producing something innovative for the viewers, the Indian Idiot Box continues to make many people Idiot! The serials continue to show all the drama, the reality shows are majorly out of the reality part and the news channels have nothing more to showcase other than some ‘juicy’ gossip. An account of all this in this post by Sujoy.

  • Who : Harish S Ram
    What : Better than the worst – whom do I vote?
    Spicy : We all are well aware of the politicians of our country and their “intention to do good for the country.” Each of them are more worse than the other. Then whom do we vote? If we don’t cast our vote, then we are not being responsible and if we do, then we forcefully have to choose a bad political leader for ourselves. What a dilemma to face! Go ahead and read this post.

  • Who : Aditya Prakash Garg
    What : The Silent Predilection
    Spicy : A really nice vision to write this post. Aditya writes a post which won’t let you guess what it is till the end. Read on!

  • Who : Bhagya
    What : Stepmom
    Spicy : The introduction of a stepmother in the family, often has a negative impact on the kids. They might keep themselves aloof from her, when actually she has entered the family with a good intention. Bhagyareema writes a story similar on these lines. A good read!

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