BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Apr. 5, ’11

Tangy Tuesday PicksAre you back to work? After the awesome weekend of celebrations and festivities Tuesday feels like Monday. No? The feeling refuses to die down and the image of Dhoni hitting the last ball for six is still etched in our memories. 🙂 Our mind now needs something different and here they are. Read the best blog posts from the Indian Blogosphere. Along with Tangy Tuesday’s, we are happy to be a part of Child Sexual Awareness Month and we will have the posts from the bloggers who are posting their views on the same. Do check them out.

  • Who Greatbong
    What : The Big Hearts
    Tangy : Great Bong writes a post where he talks about our recent winning of the World Cup, Pakistan, politics and similar things. Good observation and a keen eye results in this well written post. Do have a read and let him know if you agree with his viewpoint.

  • Who : Nidhi Goel
    What : A war on girl child ??!!
    Tangy : We all are aware of the dipped ratio of girls being born and the increased ratio of them being killed, aborted, murdered, raped and many such cruel things. Nidhi raises this point on her blog supported with some horrifying facts. An eye opening read.

  • Who : Swati Kamath
    What : How to handle Temper Tantrums in Toddlers
    Tangy : Parenthood — One of the toughest job an individual has to serve. Most parents’ toddlers have a habit to throw temper tantrums. Here’s a guide by Swati on how you can tackle with your toddler’s temper.

  • Who : Minal
    What : To My Love Addiction – My Little Bundle of Joy
    Tangy : God couldn’t be everywhere so He made Mothers, and after a mother, it is her sister who seconds her place. Minal is the mavshi of her little princess and dedicates a post to her on her first birthday! :

  • Who Red Handed
    Tangy : You all have read posts like ‘why I am like my mother’. But have you read one on ‘why I’m not like my mother’? Red handed writes a very sweet post appreciating her mom. A recommended read. 🙂

  • Who : The Venk
    What : We are on top of the world!
    Tangy : The Prize to the players for the winning the world cup, 1 crore but the joy in the faces of a billion when they did it, simply PRICELESS! We completely agree with you Venky. Words fall short for us to describe our happiness on winning the world cup. But Venky surely doesn’t; he writes this post on our victory. Do have a read.

  • Who : Puneet Aggarwal
    What : The Cobblerist Movement
    Tangy : Puneet writes this post inspired by a joke. 😛 We would not want to reveal how ‘The Cobblerist Movement’ took form. Go discover yourself! A sure fun read. 🙂

Posts from Indian Bloggers on Child Sexual Awareness Month:

In India, children are considered to be another form of God. Famously said as, ‘Bacche Bhagwan ka roop hote hai.’ However, some people are so heartless that they target small children to fulfill their sexual desires.  Child Sexual Abuse has grown rampantly in India. Kiran ManralMonika Manchanda have identified how grave this problem is and have started an initiative called Child Sexual Abuse Awareness month.

You can do a good deed and help spread its awareness. Blog about it, spread a word, and educate children as well as parents about this gruesome act. Some bloggers have already done so; read their posts and follow their footsteps. If you also want to spread awareness and contribute, here is the list of some topics.

Also do read these Survivor Stories. Story 1, Story2.

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