Perky Tweets – Apr 4, ’11

BlogAdda's perky TweetsWhatay Match! Whatay perfomance. We performed when it mattered. We particularly loved the way ‘Mahi’ addressed the critics. We have a winning team and let us celebrate. Also a very Happy Gudi Padwa/Ugadi to all of you. To bring smiles this monday, here are the #perkytweets.  🙂

Sachin played so many years to win the world cup, Rajni watched the final and won the world cup :P”

It is Rajiv Gandhi’s vision from 1985 that delivered the World Cup to India. #fakingnews

MS Dhoni. First time an MS product has delivered without crashing. Ever.’

Mahela was standing with half a bra. He said the Indians took a cup.

Always learn from the mistakes of those who took your advice.”

ROFL! BHAJJI crying… Sreesanth slapped?

Hat tricks don’t mean anything. Even Chetan Sharma has one.

I couldn’t recognize Rajnikanth without the special effects.

See some empty seats beside Saif. Understandable. Nobody can take a heavily nasal “Waaaaaw” every 5 seconds.

Dear Jihadis, I had Once seen Malinga draw a cartoon of the prophet.

No deepika…u can not pull off a shakira by gyrating like a tall building experiencing an earthquake

whatay louvely it would be if Mahela Jayawardhane’s wife is called Purusha Jayawardhane

Sreesanth’s bad bowling spell is a lot like Sri Lanka’s anthem. Just when you think it’s about to end, it starts again

This Dilshan fellow must be arrested. He is a sex offender.I have seen him in Saree shops lifting women’s pallus.

I recommend match referees must mandatorily pass a fitness test before a match: can they see and hear properly?

Wait, if the Lankans are Raavans, wont that mean that Dhoni is leading a team of monkeys? #CWC2011

Mumbai, if you are ready for the final then please inform Ravi Shastri before he screams the fucking question.

It’s a battle between Ram-sena v/s Ravan-sena in the land of Shiv-sena!

have promised sir viv that if dhoni’s men win, we’ll stop showing the kapil dev catch from the 83 world cup.

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