BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Apr. 2, ’11

Spicy SaturdayThe pulse is rising. The whole nation is waiting for the clock to strike 2.30pm IST. We will create history today. On Sunday, the Indian Cricket Team will do a joyride on a BEST bus as they did when they won the T20 cup. Also Wankhede will be the ground where Sachin will score his 100th century. We know most of India will be glued to their TV sets today. Anticipating that, we are here with our Spicy Saturday Picks so that they can drive away your tension for a bit and read some awesome posts from the Indian Bloggers. Do it now.

  • Who : Karthikeya
    What : For the Right to face Sri Lanka in Bombay
    Spicy :Β  Kartikeya writes his views on the India-Pakistan match, prior to its occurrence. A well-written post with some insights on what the cricketers must be thinking. Recommended read!

  • Who : Diptakirti
    What : Dear MSD
    Spicy : If you lose tomorrow, there will be a complete breakdown of logical faculties and we will want to kill you for that. We won’t really kill you but may try/want/need to. Guessing what the rest of the post looks like? Go ahead and read Diptakirti’s post.

  • Who :Β Vishesh Unni
    What : All you need to do is let go
    Spicy : Vishesh Unni writes an amazing poem where he depicts our tomorrow. Do have a read. πŸ™‚

  • Who : Deepak Gopalakrishnan
    What : DEAR RICKY
    Spicy : Have you hated a public figure and then got converted into a fan? Deepak is one such guy. He writes a letter to Ponting and accounts both his hatred and his pity/respect for him. Hop onto his post!

  • Who : DC
    What : Fair = Perfect Partner. Yeah Right !
    Spicy : The advertisements in India are majorly dominated by the fairness ads. Do you think it is right for celebrities to endorse ‘fair skin’, and portray that people with dark skin have less importance in the society? Read this post to enlighten yourself.

  • Who : Namratha Prabhu
    What : Dandi March 2 and Fast Unto Death
    Spicy : Do your bit for a better country. Together we can make a difference, says Namrata. She writes an account of the Dandi March II, which took place on 26th March, 2011.

  • Who : Narendra Shenoy
    What : Just a chronicle of things happening to me at this time. Same old.
    Spicy : Narendra is scared to fight with his wife, his children are not afraid of him and he calls up Airtel Customer Service because they listen to everything that he says and also apologize. πŸ˜› A really fun read.

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Enjoy the Cricket World Cup Finals today!

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