Perky Tweets – Mar 21, ’11

BlogAdda's perky TweetsHow many of you have played a Ranji Match or even a district level match? If you have played either of these two, then the news channels are looking for you to air your expert views. Every news channel have their expert panel and here is a chance for you to earn in millions and then probably start a restaurant like Dada or Tendlya. 🙂 #fakingnews. Here is a real chance to become famous. If you are funny and your tweets are witty, you qualify to enter into our #perkytweets list. Who have qualified this week? Take a look.

A kid was crying at shop Mart yesterday, So I put Johnson and Johnson’s’ baby shampoo in his eyes. No more tears……..

After all those years in school, I finally know what the semi-colon is for. It’s to make the winky faces 😉

India wins. #Nehra is thinking, ‘They were right, it was really me.’

Dear Ahmedabad residents, buy VVS Laxman masks and scare the shit out of Australians.

Looks like Indian cricket may be saved by the West Indies like my Govt is saved by the BJP.

We’ve worked a lot on these inside edges. And it shows.

Rajnikant once imposed a no fly zone on Kerala. Only lungis since.

Palin bashing the mainstream media at #ITConclave hosted by one of the biggest mainstream media outlets in India. ROFL!

Bengali Babu has final say on Burkha-Bikini debate: “Where there is a veil, there is a way”

You get bonus points if you say you are not techie in Bangalore

[the word “passion” ] only condom brands and VC firms use it.

Sri lanka vs kenya today- kindly adjust tv brightness!!

Children are like mosquitoes – the minute they stop making noise, they’re into something… 😉 #perkytweets

Can The Mumbai voters send Govinda to Libya ? Ladka Kamaal ka Ankhiyon se goli maarey #perkytweets

If all DTH providers make characters from tv enter my room, I would buy the one providing maximum porn channels 😛 #perkytweets

A smoke in time saves fine in public places.. #perkyTweets

A man is known by the company he keeps; a government, by what Wiki Leaks. #perkytweets

Are Lap-Tops really worth keeping on Lap ? They feel more like Lap-Tavas #perkytweets

Ashish Nehra is the 3rd most talked about person in India this week. The 1st 2 are his Mother and Sister

Many many happy returns of your own day Manmohan Singh ji.. Today is the world puppet day I am hearing 🙂

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