BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Mar. 22, ’11

Tangy Tuesday Picks‘Ponting could be dumped as captain’ Ponting is supposedly the next best player after Sachin Tendulkar in the current generation. We all saw the difference between how both of them treat the game last week. The quarter finals will decide who will be the last man standing. For now, read the best blog posts from the Indian bloggers.

  • Who : Haritha Nair
    What : 100 Years of What?
    Tangy : A thought provoking post which raises a point about the women and how has their importance and position evolved, for good and bad, over the years. Aruna Shanbaug, Arushi Talwar and more such women get killed & raped every now and then. What is the future of women in India?

  • Who : Arti
    What : Happy Holi… The Colors of the Holy fire, Holika Dahan
    Tangy : The festive season of colors is enjoyed and loved by many Indians. It is where you all get together to become kids once again and spend some happy moments. Arti pens down an account of the history of Holi and how it is celebrated. Have a read!

  • Who : Binu Thomas
    What : The day I met GOD.
    Tangy : Have you ever had a near death experience? Or do you know what happens after you die? Binu has the answers in this post. A fictional story, but based on real experiences.

  • Who : Varun Ramakrishnan
    What : The Little Big Man Walks…!
    Tangy : The little big man of the cricket world is praised in Varun’s post. Sachin walked out of the match with all his truthfulness and making us proud yet again, this time in a different way. Hop onto Varun’s post to know what he wants to say.

  • Who : Vadakkus
    What : A Brief History of Cricket in India
    Tangy : Vadakkus writes down the evolution of cricket over the years — it’s rise, people, cricket being played 365 days a year and more. Recommended read!

  • Who : Sourav Mishra
    What : A Small Story About A Brave Sardarni
    Tangy : A very meaningful line from Sourav’spost — We indeed meet wonderful people every day in life, but mostly fail to recognise them. He met a Sadarni who by all means was one. Read his post and find out that wonderful person from your life which missed your eye.

  • Who : Puneet Aggarwal
    What : Trial By Media
    Tangy : No One Killed Jessica brought to us the responsible media that we all require currently. But it the same media that chooses one news to feature over some other important news and ‘hypes’ it. Puneet expresses his view point on NOKJ and the media of recent times in this post.

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