BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Mar. 19, β€˜11

Spicy Saturday Kashmir was peaceful in 1947. On 22nd Oct, Pakistan invaders entered Baramullah, killed 11k of 14k people there – Mohammad Arif Khan whereas Syed Ali Shah Geelani quotes ‘India taking over land, cutting forests in Kashmir, especially in Shopian‘. Two contrasting views about Kashmir from India Today Conclave. What is the truth? Readers, let us know your views. Now it is reading time and it is time for Spicy Saturday Picks.Β 

  • Who : Varshini Kannan
    What : Rise all, Phoenix
    Spicy : Japan is in a very unfortunate situation right now. The whole world is praying for them to recover soon and for things get back to normal. Varshu writes a poem for Japan. We agree with her when she says, You shall rise as a phoenix, And shine as “The Land of Rising Sun”.

  • Who :Β Prashant Mehta
    What : Aruna Shanbaug: It’s my life
    Spicy : Supreme Court turned down the mercy killing petition of Aruna Shanbaug, by Pinky Virani on March 7, 2011. This post traces down the feelings of Aruna, that she might be going through in her mind. What do you think about her case and her feelings? Let us know after reading this post..

  • Who : Nithya
    What : Watermelon Dosa
    Spicy : It’s the season of melons! πŸ™‚ How about making some melon dosa’s in your kitchen? Nithya brings to you the yummy recipe of melon dosa’s with tomato chutney! Try it in your kitchen today. πŸ™‚

  • Who : Manreet Sodhi Someshwar
    What : Did You See a Sparrow Today?
    Spicy : Do you know that apart from celebrating Holi, there is another thing which you need to do tomorrow? It’s the World House Sparrow Day. The intention is to throw light on the problems faced by that bird in its daily fight for survival. Read Manreet’s post to know more about the survival of this petite bird. You can adopt a nest too today!

  • Who : Maria Francis
    What : A Religion called Cricket
    Spicy : If cricket is a religion, then Sachin is God. That is what most cricket fanatics might think. Like all women get together on women’s day, all men get together on Cricket World Cup. πŸ˜› Maria is a wife of a cricket fanatic, if we can say that, and tells her story in this post. Read on to know more! πŸ™‚

  • Who : Vasanth G.Benjamin
    What : In an Emergency – How do you file an FIR ?
    Spicy : It is always very advisable that you are informed about your rights, duties, general information about the law and order, the government, etc. Because you never know when you might have to put them to use. Here’s a post by Vasanth which will educate you about how to file an FIR.

  • Who : Rakesh Jhunjhunwala
    What : How To Solve A Japanese Problem In India
    Spicy :Β  A ‘distinguish between’ post by Rakesh Jhunjhunwala. Japan’s reaction to earthquake, tsunami and nuclear problem against India’s likely reaction to the same. A hilarious one! Recommended read.

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