BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Mar. 1, ’11

Tangy Tuesday PicksMobile phones, branded clothes, notebooks and ready to eat items to be costlier while Steel prices and LED’s to come down. How has the budget affected the common man? Will you feel the pinch? Only time will tell. Indian Bloggers have a lot to say and they say it through wonderful posts. We have the best of them for you here. Read them now.

  • Who :Β Greatbong
    What : Uncle Pai
    Tangy : Greatbong remembers the memories that Uncle Pai had created. A well written line from his post: The great thing about being an artist is that one never really passes away. Read his post for more!

  • Who : Nisha
    What : Portrait of the Writer
    Tangy : Nisha shares with us her love for writing. She tells us how the passion of writing coined in her mind, how she started her journey and how successful she is as a writer now. Have a read!

  • Who : Adicrazy
    What : I’ll See You
    Tangy : A well composed poem where one meets their loved one after a long wait. Adi Crazy has well described the emotions of eagerness and restlessness of meeting after a long departure. Read on

  • Who : Shail Mohan
    What : Two to tango
    Tangy : A sheer amount of disgust is what you feel when you see some men appraising a man on disregarding a woman. Shail witnessed this and she pens down her disturbance over the act and her views in this post. Do have a read!

  • Who : Kalyan
    What : Drifting away!
    Tangy : As we grow up, we leave a lot many things behind. Our memories, our friends, companions, etc. Life just drifts away. Do we really want to add on jealousy, hatred and similar things in our life? Kalyan writes about the way life moves ahead bringing along many new memories & friends. Must read!

  • Who : Srikant Rajan
    What : Move over ” Daddy Long Legs ” Here comes ” Senor Long Arms ” !!
    Tangy : A fun read by written by Srikant. Many a times it does happen that we try to pull someone’s leg but it instead gets back onto us! πŸ˜› Something similar happened with Srikant. Recommended read! πŸ™‚

  • Who : Rvnachar
    What : Tirupathi – My experience
    Tangy : Have temple visits been another reason for stampedes? Rvnachar tells about her experience with the lack of crowd management in Tirupati Balaji. Have you faced something similar? Do have a read.

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