Perky Tweets – Feb 28, ’11

BlogAdda's perky TweetsShane Warne proclaimed as the new Octupus. According to the latest reports, he has gone underground as India TV and other news channels are behind him to have him on board. Shane Warne’s last tweet (Which was deleted) was ‘Never knew a random prediction’ could change my life. 🙂 #fakingnews. Now read the #perkytweets that will make you smile. 🙂

Saala aise hi games hote rahe to meri film ki collection ki toe laag jaayegi. …………”Jai MataDi” rofl

We will be serving mid-day meals at cabinet meetings to improve attendance!

Lottery Ticket – Is that a name of a HOT girl ??RT @warne888: I am taking a lottery ticket out this weekend !!!

and now espnstar is brave enough to put our bowlers’ statistics which was gone missing for the first 40 overs!

Slight 15th august 1947 feel

Deepika is in between Siddarth Malliya and Rahul Bose ! tight game everywhere at chinnaswami

Dude, I’m so excited, I’LL take off Ganguly’s shirt.

Vote for Baba Ramdev. He’ll be the PM who can help you make your ends meet. Your head and toe, that is.

Dear Bhajji : Forget the Doosra Bhai! PEHLA toh theek se daal!”.

Well done #Pakistan ! Now Afridi can have two kababs, a fish fillet & one leather ball for dinner 🙂

For all Hindi commentators every four and six is “behetarin”, “shaandar”, “oopyogi” and “ghaatak” #wc11

Ramdev kitni aankh maarta hai. he doesnt even need a #pickupline. no?

Mamata and Pranab’s English pronunciation reminds us that the Brits never truly conquered revolutionary Bengal

If a good writer is a wordsmith, a computer engineer must be a siliconsmith. Unless you believe in social engineers.

Dear Kochi city buses, its ‘Naval Base’ not ‘Navel Base’ for pity’s sake! No wonder the IPL team is called IndiCommandos!

I put a note on my mirror this morning. It says “objects are smaller than they appear.”

Twitter=Whats happening? FB=Whats on your mind? FourSquare= Where are you?…Conclusion = Social Networking is my Wife!!

It’s nice that you think it’s good to see me and everything, but it would be nicer if you talked TO THE FACE.

Gaddafi is a ‘Virgin Mobile’ in the true sense. He has virgin women as body guards

Lalit Bhanot arrested. Now to become Chief Designer of Toilets at Tihar! Raja to assist with flushing technology!

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  1. Just count the total number of people watching world cup. You get a conclusive statistics of Disguised Unemployment in India.

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