BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Feb. 22, ’11

Tangy Tuesday PicksIt may take 10 years to hang Kasab and according to some reports, the cost of keeping him alive is Rs 450cr and still counting. Why? Why do we have to do this? Every Indian citizen knows that he has mercilessly killed people. If you are tired thinking of this and want to read something good, then here are the Tangy Tuesday Picks for you.

  • Who Ankita Taranekar
    What : With a disaster comes..
    Tangy : United we stand, divided we fall. A very famous quote which probably many fail to understand. A country, in order to be successful, requires unity of its citizens. A natural calamity or disaster unites the country. Wouldn’t we choose to remain united despite any disaster?

  • Who : Karthikeyan
    What : The cycle of life – My love affair with the bicycle- Part 1
    Tangy : As kids we love to do many things. It is quite possible that one of those things become our passion for life. Karthikeyan is one of those. His love for cycling still remains since the time it started with a bicycle in his childhood. He writes about his love affair with his bicycle! Go ahead and read his love story!

  • Who : Tanay
    What : A Week After I Abandoned Her
    Tangy : This post is Tanay’s first attempt at writing a fiction story and it is a good one! A moment of anger can make you do things which you otherwise won’t. You’re a lucky one if it is forgiven later. And the main character of this story indeed was one such guy! Go read the story!

  • Who : Ravi
    What : A walk to remember
    Tangy : A very good read written by Ravi which makes you feel you’re a part of the story. True love of a couple in their 25th year of walking together! Read on!

  • Who : Raunak Baral
    What : Mom
    Tangy : Raunak Baral composes a poem from the eye of a child whose mother is with Him. The stars and the moon make the child go to sleep but no one can take away the mother from the child’s heart. A nice goodnight poem by the child to his mother till the next sunrise!

  • Who : Aarti Krishnakumar
    What : P for People- Part I
    Tangy : We come across various kinds of people in our life. Aarti analyses the different kind of people coming in theaters to watch a movie. A fun post to read! Know the kind of people you have encountered with in a movie hall with this post. 🙂

  • Who Sauvik
    What : Constitutionalism – And Its Failure
    Tangy : A very informative post by Sauvik. It talks about the constitution, its meaning, failures, etc. What have you thought of constitution as? Flip over to this post now!

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