Perky Tweets – Feb 21, ’11

BlogAdda's perky TweetsBombay HC confirms death for Kasab. #realnews. Pakistan hands over the other suspects of 26/11 #fakingnews. When will this #fakingnews become the #realnews? Only time will tell. Let us be happy with the above verdict and let us have an awesome week ahead. Read the #perkytweets to keep smiling this Monday. 🙂

Moving to WP7’s native Twitter client from Gravity is like stepping from a Maybach straight in to a Rickshaw.

Dear Malaria, ever heard of that cliche “If you love someone set them free”?

The trend is so predictable. She comes, writes a “ohh, these abusers” tweet. Rubishes everyone, and then goes to sleep

jawarhalal was born on 14th nov tht means motilal nehru had a mindblowing celebration of valentine day tht year

U knw its time 2 quit #alcohol when the missus makes masala papad 4 the aftrnoon snack n u then strt srching 4 da#whisky

Board outside R.A.W. office in Delhi. “Amchi kuthehi shakha nahi”

How much did the operation cost? “@chari5matic: I’m not Jasmine .. I’m Aladdin”

e match does not start till the first ball is bowled. #NoShitShastri #WC11

Is that a rainbow? Is that a Peacock? Holy mother of god, it is Mandira Bedi.

A guy just got beaten up on the streets for asking “When is the world cup going to start?” #WC11

heard @sreesanth36 `s father took some loan , only to pay Match fine for his performance in #WC

Others get it wrong by putting the horse before the cart; we do it by putting the law before the ass.

Afridi says he feels at home in Bangladesh. Only if he had not bunked the history classes in school

ROFL Now, as A Raja has been sent to Tihar Jail…will the biscuits made in Tihar jail now be called PARLE-2G ?

AK Hangal walks into a Hyundai showroom and asks “Itna Sonata kyun hai bhai?”

This opening ceremony is fixed. Commentators clearly seem to know what shit is coming next.

If you have an acute case of piles, do you suffer from Arsenal?

What do you want to do? Invade Maldives?#IndiCommandos

Due to inflation, a picture is now only worth 322 words. #perkytweets

If you wanna dump a guy, #CWC is the best time. He won’t feel a thing till it ends.

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