BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Feb. 19, ‘11

Spicy Saturday‘Cricket’s biggest extravaganza starts today with the hosts India taking on Bangladesh in the opener. What do you do if someone asks you ‘Is it mandatory to support India this World Cup?’. What do you answer? For all those following cricket, we have something special for you coming up  and for all those who want to shy away from watching Cricket, we have the best posts for you to read. Read them now! 

  • Who : Raksha Bhat
    What : Cash[ews] In On Poison
    Spicy : Endosulfan is a harmful pesticide which causes infertility, cancer, skin allergy, asthma & many more diseases. Still, India is the largest consumer whereas it has been banned in other countries. What would you choose? Joining the world cup fever, talking about the scams of country or rather join the league to prevent the use of this pesticide?

  • Who Deeba
    What : Baking | Chocolate Granola {gluten free} … the granola that changed my life!
    Spicy : Deeba Rajpal shares her yummy recipe of chocolate granola! She also shares some information about granola and muesli. And her daughter who is always on diet also ate her dish relishing it.

  • Who : Sangeeta Khanna
    What : Trees in all their glory…
    Spicy : Sangeeta is surrounded by some beautiful trees in her area. She shares some pictures of lemon trees and her little friends who stay around those trees. Do have a look! Thank you IHM for tipping this!

  • Who : mloclam
    What : Indebted
    Spicy : We had raised a question in our discussions. There are some people in your life that you feel were the ones who were necessary to make your life complete says Malcolm about Br. Keane who served in India for 57 years. Malcolm expresses his feelings about Br. Keane in this post. Br. Keane was truly a gem of a person; we can say it after reading this post!

  • Who : Priya
    What : “He/She is so typical” – What I mean when I say this about everyone I know!Indebted
    Spicy : Priya lists down the ‘types of people’ she has observed till now. Check out the list and see if you have someone in your life which belong to one of the types mentioned! If so, do not forget to ask Priya the ‘how-to-tackle-them’ tips. 😛

  • Who : Ice
    What : The Buzz
    Spicy : A well written piece of fiction story! It holds you till the end with its twists and climax. Ice, this was a really chilling story! A must read post.

  • Who : GB
    What : Sleeping with the Enemy
    Spicy : GB goes down the memory lane of her Gender Studies after reading Stieg Larsson’s Trilogy. She shares her views on violence and women backed with some information and knowledge of her Gender Studies. A very informative post and nice to read her views. Recommended read! Thank you The Visitor for tipping!

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