BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Feb. 12, β€˜11

Spicy Saturday‘Allah hu Akbar’ roared the crowds assembled in Tahrir square. All of Cairo and people from other parts of Egypt were present there. US President Barack Obama heard echoes of history in the way Egyptians brought about change through the ‘moral force of nonviolence‘ like India’s Mahatma Gandhi ‘leading his people down the path of justice’. What are your views on this? Do you see something of this happening in India? We have already seen, how a tweet can erupt into a controversy (Shashi Tharoor – Lalit Modi). We believe, bloggers can bring about a revolution one day. This could be just the start. Let us now read some of the best blog posts from the Indian blogosphere. πŸ™‚

  • Who : Vaish
    What : Glamor filled Day!
    Spicy : We bet you didn’t think of doing this on Valentine’s Day like Vaish does. The presents, flowers, chocolates, etc. we present to our loved one on V-day have a very short shelf life. However the unflinching love, support or happiness which we give lasts longer. So, try giving that to your partner this V-day onwards!

  • Who :Cloud Nine
    What : Blind date Prophecies
    Spicy : Have you been on a blind date? Or ever heard about how true they are?! Cloud Nine writes this super post on blind dating advertisements. We won’t kill the excitement so go read yourself! πŸ˜€

  • Who : Suchi
    What : I Want…
    Spicy : There are many things which we wish for in our life span. Most of us pen it down in our diaries and the wish list is pages long. Suchi writes her wants of life in a beautiful poem. Simple yet so nice! πŸ™‚

  • Who : The Comic Project
    What : The β€˜anarchy’ of online abuse
    Spicy : We had raised a question in our discussions. The Comic Project writes down a post on a similar topic, abusing online. It is so easy for one to abuse online just because you can hide your face behind a computer screen and only your name is visible! Ever thought of the consequences? Read this post and do leave comments of what you think & also in our discussion forum.

  • Who : Deepa
    What : Ghosts of Valentines Past
    Spicy : Deepa’s first love was Rahul Gandhi when she was a 10 year old kiddo. But fate took Rahul far away from her. But she fell in love again. She expressed her love by writing a love letter to him. Read her post to know what happened next! πŸ˜‰

  • Who : Minal
    What : Regrets Anyone?
    Spicy : There are many decisions in life which we often regret that we should’ve had either taken or not taken. Minal shares with us the career decisions that she took and how successful woman she is now. She had to miss out some things in life but is a less regretful after seeing her career graph. Do have a read!

  • Who : Trailblazr
    What : The Indian Revolution
    Spicy :Yesterday the world saw the winning of the Egyptian citizens and the falling of a nearly a 30 year old rule of Hosni Mubarak at Cairo’s Tahrir Square. It was one of its kind revolution! Do you think Indians can also break the rule of corruption in India which is more than a number of decades old? Meanwhile, read what Trailblazer has to say about the Indian revolution.

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