BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Feb. 5, ‘11

Spicy SaturdayCorruption hurting India’s image says our Prime Minister. We all know that. The question is what are we going to do about it? How are we going to remove the roots of corruption in India? We need the answers. Do let us know your thoughts. Indian Bloggers have shared their thoughts on various issues and we have the best of them in our weekly picks. Read on to find out who are the one’s featured. 

  • Who : NIsha
    What : Going Through Death to Give Birth
    Spicy : Motherhood is the most delightful experience of a woman’s life. However, it becomes a nightmare if it is at a young age like below 18. The women or rather girls in Yemen go through these nightmares, suffer miscarriages & the unluckiest of the lot succumb to death. Thank you Nisha for informing us about the condition of women there. Read on! Thank you IHM for tipping this as always. 🙂

  • Who :Rahul Aggarwal
    What : Love Story 2010
    Spicy : Love is surely in the air! The blogosphere has indeed made a love story. We have heard about long distance relationships, love over Internet & their failures. But Rahul & his lady love are surely a successful one. They are getting married! So, hop onto this post & wish him luck. Rahul, wish you a happy married life ahead! 😀

  • Who : Shilpadesh
    What : Things my mom said (I wish I had paid attention to)….
    Spicy : Mothers…they know us in & out. Their advice is 100% correct. Still we usually ignore them, pretend to hear, etc. And later on we realize what fools we were. 😛 Shilpa lists down things which she has listened to & ignored! Have you thought of something like this?

  • Who : Deeptaman Mukherjee
    What : Future of tweeting about unfamiliar subjects!
    Spicy : We are back to our favorite game…Imagine! 😀 Imagine how would James Bond use Twitter to save people? Save the answer in your mind & flip over to this post to know how Deeptaman envisions it!

  • Who : Projectwhy
    What : the birth of a girl
    Spicy : Yet another disappointment when a girl child is born. Yet another village where child marriages take place. Yet another humiliation to face. When will this stop? Are we so helpless? Do you have the answers?

  • Who : Vee
    What : I Dare To Dream
    Spicy : We have read corruption stories. We have read people talking about how useless the government is. But have you felt the sense of changing things? Have you even felt a sense of hope, to expect the least? Vee dares to dream. He dreams of corruption free nation. Wasn’t India beautiful when it was the Sone ki Chidiya than today’s Scams ka Desh? Which would you prefer?

  • Who : Barkha Dhar
    What : Live To Inspire
    Spicy : Every face a story behind it. We easily recognize the happy ones. But fail to understand the tragic of all. This story is about Nujood, Mende & Saima. We might come across many like them but fail to realize the trauma they go through. Read this post & discover the Nujood, Mende or Saima of your life!

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