Perky Tweets – Feb 7, ’11

BlogAdda's perky TweetsPCB today came in support of the three tainted cricketers who were suspended by the ICC for Spot Fixing. PCB issued a statement which says that ‘We support the players as they did it for their own good and for the welfare of the family and this is what happens when you do good for the family’. #fakingnews. For more such hilarious stories and tweets, read the #perkytweets for this week.

Foreign Secys of India & Pak meet in Bhutan, agree to talk about talking & meet to talk about more meetings about talks.

By the way tomorrow is Monday, if you don’t have Yash Uncle to take care of your career, better go and sleep.”

The celebrities who are laughing at Imran and Ranbeer jokes sound so much like those studio audiences in sitcoms.

“Asif given a 7-year suspension with two suspended”..ROFL .. what does that even mean? *I was given a full glass of water that is half full*

Whoa! Sonu Nigam is proof of what happens to a person if he/she watches an Uday Chopra film from beginning to end

A Rajput is also known as a ‘Banna’. Now if Rajasthan were a nation, it might have also been known as a ‘Banna Republic’

Waiting for someone to ask Obama whether he’ll cure the lack of IPv4 addresses, at which point he’ll say, yes, #ICANN

My neighbour has become extremely rude these days! He switches off the wifi every now and then!

@BollywoodGandu Plizz may I stay sir? I am such a small celebrity according to sources that they call me Celeb-Bity

Linux sex: date ; unzip ; strip; touch; mount; etc.. Windows sex: start ; explore ; reboot ; viruscheck ; solitaire

Q. Which Bangalore locale is highly questionable? A. Quoramangala..

if you want to see two extreme kinds of acting,then you gotta watch dhoom3… You’ll see aamir khan and uday chopra.#perkytweets

Starbucks or Barista isn’t really that expensive when you consider what Victoria Secret charges per cup #perkytweets

Only song mentioning about the video codecs . Dil to .avi .avi ho gaya . #perkytweets

I think “onions” wud be the best V-day gift this year – its pink, its ‘precious’ and it will surely bring tears of happiness #perkytweets

Please dont give Arindham any more ideas, next IIPM course might be Revolution management. 😐 #perkytweets @ikaveri@jhunjhunwala

I wish there is a tatkal faciltiy to get a girlfriend on this Valentines day *sigh*

Seems the Bal kalakaar is missing from Film Fare #theghantas awards function? Ohh.. i meant Anil Kapoor

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