BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Feb. 1, ’11

Tangy Tuesday PicksThe first month of 2011 is over. How many of you feel that time is flying this year? How has your start been for the year 2011? This month may just be the month of revolutions and uprisings in the middle east. Going by the situation in Tunisia and now Egypt you never know what will happen next. There are other things happening in Indian Blogosphere

  • Who :Mahafreed
    What : I wrote a story on FAIL
    Tangy : There are times when one learns from their failure. However, the term & meaning of ‘fail’ has spread more than one could think. There are many fail blogs which have come up followed by various degrees of fail. Read this post to educate yourself with the Fail funda!

  • Who : Alpana Mallick
    What : What Happens in Jaipur, Doesn’t Stay in Jaipur
    Tangy : The Jaipur Literature Festival, 2011 is indeed a great platform for literature fans to meet up. Alpana attended it and lists down the seven best events according to her. Those who did not get any updates on this festival, you can get the gist here and capture the essence of the festival!

  • Who : Dewdrops
    What : 55 Fiction: Inner Demons
    Tangy : A tale of an obese girl nicely put in just 55 words! Read Dewdrop’s 55 word fiction where she nicely describes the inner demons of a being.

  • Who : Aniruddha Pathak
    What : Silent Sound
    Tangy : A well written poem by Aniruddha. This poem is on love, hurt and conclusions. Go through it yourself to have a good read.

  • Who : Aline
    What : Unforgettable RANG DE BASANTI: A Retrospective Review
    Tangy : You have read many reviews of the all time favorite movie of every Indian, Rang De Basanti. The film evokes a patriotic feeling among everyone watching it. Now read this review of RDB by Aline on the film’s 5th anniversary which also has her own perspective in it.

  • Who : Sakhi
    What : Storm
    Tangy : A post which is filled with emotions and holds to on till it ends is well written by Sakhi. A heartfelt letter by a mother to her daughter who is in utmost dilemma. A recommended read by us!

  • Who : Lekhni
    What : On the Makara Jyothi hoax in Sabarimala
    Tangy : Do you believe that Makara Jyothi is some miracle by God? Think again and read this post where Travancore Devaswom Board admits that there is nothing miraculous about it! Read on to know more truths!

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