Perky Tweets – Jan 31, ’11

BlogAdda's perky TweetsSingapore government arrests Sajid Khan at the airport as he was returning back to India. The officials are tight lipped about the reason for his arrest but our sources say that the government officers were so pissed with his jokes at the Zee Cine Awards that they decided to brainwash him. #fakingnews. Here was a trailer to what you can expect from our #perkytweets this Monday. Read now!!

I’m not doing a crime .. I’m just tweeting n smiling at my TL .. stop looking at me nearby passengers #embarassing :


Reservoir dogs is such a bad copy of Kaante!

Now turning on the TV to hear Hindi anchors pronounce Djokovic.

Bought a new cell phone: It has a rocket launcer, a grinding machine & a toaste maker too

Insurance for politicians come with a Money Black Policy.

Abhishek Bachchan’s DNA interview screams “Ash and I are not a couple package” ROFL xP

The Great Khali, commenting on the Incidents in Egypt, said ‘Ablajamsk kalabalm inglabhak thadhalsk’

1980 ka nahi 2010 ka batao RT@filmfare Best Actor Male (Critics) – Rishi Kapoor #filmfareawards

Democracy is the answer. Now, what was the question?

Religious anger can neither be quelled nor is it ever forgotten. After all, incense sticks.

Ailla! Just got this DM: Are you free for the rest of your life, because I want a wife?

Starve your slave and he shall protest. Because an empty vassal makes the most noise.

Dear Reliance. 21 MB/s speed. 50 MB data limit. Nicely done.

So an unwell Sonia G didn’t attend the R-Day function. Thankgod they didn’t postpone the R-Day till she is well again

Marriage is the ritual that converts a normal man into a device that holds purses outside the women’s washrooms

Main aur meri tanhayee, aksar yeh baatein karte hai… Ki agar tum Niira Radia hoti, free ki publicity mill jaati… #radiagate #perkytweets

Q. What did PC sing to the IT officials raiding her house? Ans. Darrrlingg! Ek se Chaar, Chaar se Aath karne do!;D @madversity#perkytweets

UFO landed in India, Aliens came out. One Man saw them and asked ‘tumhara UFO kitne deti he’ #Mileage #Perkytweets

Why r we so worried about Egypt? Other than buried treasure i do not dream of anything else found in Egypt. #perkytweetss

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