BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Jan. 29, ‘11

Spicy SaturdayOn one side the RBI hikes the rates and on the other hand, the government admits of Black Money in Swiss Banks. After all whose money is this? It is the common man’s money and they play with it. What a vicious circle? Want to get away from vicious circle? Read the best blog posts from the Indian Blogosphere this week. 

  • Who : Sanjeev Sabhlok
    What : My open letter to so-called “Dalits”
    Spicy : Sanjeev is writing down an open letter to Dalits where he says one should rise above his caste/ religion if it is not giving them their human right! Many point of views and thoughts are in this letter. Read and let him know if you agree or disagree with them.

  • Who :Laxmi Gupta
    What : कलियुगी नारद-हरि सम्वाद
    Spicy : Imagine Satyug people in Kalyug & how would they be! Narad Muni & God are conversing on Internet and the मूर्ख मानव ! 😛 A very nicely composed poem. Read on.

  • Who : Tulika
    What : This one’s for India
    Spicy : A lovely letter written by a mom to her kids just before Republic Day. Tulika describes our beautiful country in this letter, the good old days & also the future when they grow up. Must read!

  • Who : Kanupriya
    What : 5 Twitter tools for your brand
    Spicy : Kanupriya lists down the 5 essential tools through which you can track your brand aspects. Some effective tools are collated at one place! Do check this out and use for the best!

  • Who : Ajay
    What : Love or Pride?
    Spicy : Do you love being an Indian or are you proud being an Indian? A very important thought raised by Ajay. Ajay puts forth his points on being patriotic, the current condition of India & much more in this post. Do have a read!

  • Who : revsjoiedevivre
    What : Love and other bugs
    Spicy : Love is a very pure feeling! But there are many bugs that come along with it. Fights, pain, tears, break ups and, worst of all, regret! But still the sweet poison pulls us towards it. Nobody can run away from it. Revsjoiedevivre writes down a post on all these points of discussion. Read ahead!

  • Who : Smita
    What : The thin line between pressurizing and motivating
    Spicy : Smitha writes an article on parenting where she talks about her daughter & how other parents sometimes get pushy on their kids. Every child has his/her own pace to learn and interests to follow. Similarly are parents too. And as she rightly says, ‘Every child is different, as is every parent‘. Read on!

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