Perky Tweets – Jan 24, ’11

BlogAdda's perky TweetsIn a very unprecedented move by the Indian Selectors lead by ‘Chikka‘ Srikkanth, the 15 member team for the World Cup has been changed. The team now consists of 12 bowlers, 1 wicketkeeper, and two batsmen. 🙂 The two batsmen are Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar and Yusuf Pathan. 🙂 #fakingnews. You never know and probably it could end up being true. 🙂 For now drive away your Monday blues by reading these awesome #perkytweets.

Dear Mind, shut up and listen, for once!

Ha ha! BJP workers ki Jammu jaane vali train ka rat ko AhmedNagar k pass engine badal kar Bangalore le jaya gya!

Someone just called to meet me on Jan 26, and said “Let’s meet on Independence day” !!!!

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. And then Rahul Dravid started groaning

The total value of gold at this wedding would likely exceed the gdp of Somalia.

Chats are 50RS a plate. Yes,ask me to bend over too.

“Here is Dhoni’s plan : Give the ball to everyone in the team, and ask them to score the runs they’re conceded…. “

Was that celina jaitley? Kitna botox showtox makeuptox kiya hain :O

“At ICICI Saket branch, one bank workers picks up d phone and says: “Ma’m I don’t want a loan, even I work with ICICI”

ROFL at a gentleman on Facebook who thinks “Bon Jovi” is Italian for “Good Morning”.

Many personal thx 2 Sheila Dixitji 4 attending my Delhi concert. We bonded over our “jawani”

people who ROFL for everything, please to come home. Been long since I swept my room.

Only bhaji can save the day but with the price of vegetables so expensive…one just can’t say

One minute, doesn’t Hrithik Roshan already have a wax statue? It’s called Harman Baweja.

Longest english word : Mutualfundinvestmentsaresubjecttomarketriskspleasereadtheoffersocumentcarefull

Hritik moved to tears on seeing his wax statue – Was Ash’s statue moved to tears on seeing Ash?

on Maruti ka site, Mira road is a different city! see even Maruti refuses to call it a part of Bombay!

When you have nothing funny to say, just close your eyes and think “What would Arnab Goswami Do?”

What does a drunk Nepali say? | Shaabji, aaj security tight hai! | #perkytweets

Pav Bhaji ke liye aapko chahiye:- Aalu-1kg. Tamatar-5pcs. Masala-1pkt. Namak-Swaad anusar aur Pyaaz- AUKAAT ANUSAR!#perkytweets

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