BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Jan. 25, ’11

Tangy Tuesday PicksWhat is Patriotism for you? What kind of feelings does Republic Day invoke on you? Some say that you do not need a single day to show how patriotic you are and the other side says that it is a symbolic day. Which side are you on? Let us know. The Indian bloggers have posted their views on patriotism and many other things and we have them for you in this week’s Tangy Tuesday picks. 🙂

  • Who : Dawn
    What : I shall not die of a cold. I shall die of having lived…
    Tangy : Dawn recollects the tailor master of her life and how life teaches us lessons. It is very rare in today’s world to take a stranger as your family member. But Dawn & her family did so & now they have lost him. She writes down her feelings now. Who the the stranger of your life?

  • Who : Sandeep
    What : Lal Chowk Today, Lal Qila Tomorrow
    Tangy : In today’s day & age, has the national flag lost its importance? Has patriotism limited to just standing in a theater for the sake of it, in front of the flag & anthem playing? Flag hoisting in Indian should have deeper connotations says Sandeep. What are your views on BJP issue & flag hoisting in India?

  • Who : Nethra
    What : Time Travel
    Tangy : Nethra comes up with a superb post on traveling back in time. Reading her post was like reading a chapter from a sci-fi book! She chooses the right words & makes us also imagine the whole story in our mind. We let you discover the experience yourself. Happy time traveling! 🙂

  • Who : Roohani
    What : Why I Don’t Visit Temples
    Tangy : There are many people who are not atheist yet don’t like to worship a lot, especially going to the temple & worshiping. Roohani is one such kind. She visits a temple where she ends up worshiping many different God’s idol which is definitely not her interest. Read on!

  • Who : Sandeip
    What : On your leaving town
    Tangy : Sandeip composes a poem for someone who is leaving the town. Promises, letters, coffee and much more in this nicely composed poem. Read to know the feelings behind the lines!

  • Who : Lloyd
    What : India’s Republic Day Parade – a Practice Session
    Tangy : Lloyd came across the practice session of the Republic Day parade by some military units. The parade is carried every year in the capital city of India. Lloyd captures the practice in beautiful pictures & describes the parade. Do have a read!

  • Who : Suranga Date
    What : Some Adarsh solutions….
    Tangy : Suranga takes up the Adarsh Housing Society scam and is penning down the solutions she thinks should work for this issue. Some interesting solutions with which many bloggers are agreeing. Do you? Read and let her know

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