BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks – Jan. 22, β€˜11

Spicy SaturdayEveryone has a story to share. Everything we see around has a story behind it. It is upto us to unravel the story. When people ask us, what do Indian Bloggers write? We tell them, ‘About everything in this world’. Wow, and how do you pick them? Well, that is the most difficult part because every blogger is gifted in his/her own right, but some are polished and some needs polishing to shine in the future. πŸ™‚ Now please read the gems of this week’s and have an awesome weekend ahead. πŸ™‚

  • Who : Blogger
    What : How to be a sanskaari bahu
    Spicy : Recipe: First prepare one timetable. Add one husband and one mother-in-law to it. Mix the two for a deadly combination (literally!). Now squeeze in a young girl. Tadaa! You have a typical Indian family & a Sanskaari Indian Bahu ready with the in-laws expecting loads from the latter. To know a detailed recipe, read this post! πŸ˜‰ Thank you IHM for tipping us this one.

  • Who : Rachna Parmar
    What : The Killing Inflation
    Spicy: The inflation in India is not unknown to many. The prices of petrol & vegetables are increasing rapidly. How is the aam aadmi supposed to survive asks Rachna. Who is to be blamed? Read this post & join the conversation.

  • Who : Neelima
    What : Travel and the not so pink and rosy side of it!
    Spicy : A life of a traveller seems very interesting. But do you know the truths of this primrose path? Read the facts from Neelima’s travel pages where she brings forward the thorns of the journey.

  • Who : Iswarya Devi
    What : End of the World!!
    Spicy : If Rakesh Roshan reads this post then he will surely pick this up as his script for Krishh part 2! An amazing story a filled with unimaginable gadgets, nice twists & well chosen words! Don’t miss this one!

  • Who : Thousif Raza
    What : I am back.. well sort of…
    Spicy : An amazing poem written by Thousif! This posts makes us realize how every moment of your life is important ’cause you don’t know what’s next’. Also how people change & fight with other fellow beings and the destruction takes charge. Will this ever stop?

  • Who : Ketan
    What : My Inferences about the Maoist Problem in India
    Spicy : There have been many misconceptions about Maoists in India. Many people & their various perceptions. Probably the media has portrayed it wrongly or is it simply our lack of gaining knowledge. Ketan pens down three instances which helped him understand what Maoism exactly stands for. Have a read to cross check your knowledge!

  • Who : Blogeswari
    What : Beauty is Botox deep
    Spicy : Botox is the God for all celebrities growing old who want to romance on screen like they are 20! Bad botox also results in some serious damage to your expressions which you’ll realize in Blogeswari’s post. Check out the stars who are unveiled by Blogeswari

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