BlogAdda’s Tangy Tuesday Picks – Jan. 11 ’11

Tangy Tuesday PicksIndia can never forget the 1993 blast case. Much has been done already to the suspects but the final hearing is still at halt. The hearing, which was scheduled for today, is postponed to March 29 because CBI needs 6 weeks to convert some Marathi documents to English! :O Well, our administration is well equipped with many unrealistic & baseless excuses when any priority decision has to be taken for the country like in the case of Kasab and Aarushi Talwar trials. “Tareek pe tareek, tareek pe tareek, tareek pe tareek!” Thank God bloggers don’t delay to pen down their thoughts and we don’t delay to bring them to you. 😀 So BlogAdda gives to you this weeks Tangy Tuesday Picks. Enjoy!

  • Who : Sidvee
    What : Bye bye Kumble
    Tangy :
    Sidvee writes a post on Anil Kumble, one the pioneers of Indian cricket. He fills the post with Kumble’s achievements, appreciation and praises. He had a small chat with him a few years back and writes it down by re-collecting the Q&A with him. Read on! Also read the winning entries of Wide Angle, a tribute to Anil Kumble.

  • Who : Greatbong
    What : Auctioned
    Tangy : IPL auctions! The bids were good as well as shocking. Ever imagined the auctions from a demented person’s mind? Read this post for humor and some leg pulling by Greatbong!

  • Who : Preeti Shenoy
    What : A little toy story
    Tangy : Preeti happened to come across a toy stall where the toys were hand made by the person who was selling them. These toys are of ancient nature and Preeti has done a great deed by letting us know that these toys are still being made by small artisans & are not extinct! Must read! 😀

  • Who : Shivya
    What : Are we losing our identity to social media?
    Tangy : Who are you on social media and in real life? Do your status messages or tweets actually are the reflection of the real you? Shivya asks these question in this post of the conflict between the social media & your identity. See if you are also dangling between the two.

  • Who : Sudha G
    What : My Favourite Things…
    Tangy : Sudha visited Coventry, a city with two Cathedrals and describes her experience over there with some beautiful pictures to depict it. The ancient art forms and developments are so perfect! Go ahead and read this post!

  • Who : It ain’t that simple baby
    What : One Night Stand…
    Tangy : One night stands—good for some, bad for some others. The drama girl encountered with an almost-one-night-stand story. Her friend was in that story and landed up at her place late night. Read the post to know what had happened.

  • Who : Celestialrays
    What : Reflections
    Tangy : Celestialrays reminds us of the humanity and kindness still prevailing in the world. We always have Gods angel’s around us but He hasn’t given us that perfect eye to recognize them. Celestialrays came across a few and mentions in this post. Unwind her experience. We are also contributing towards humanity and for a better society at

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